Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

Well isn't Skype the best thing that ever happened to this world!? It was so good to see all of your smiling faces:) Technology is the greatest.
This week in Cherokee nation was good! I had some humbling experiences this week and truly learned for myself how much the Lord values this work. It is a very unique opportunity to have 18 whole months dedicated to living, breathing, thinking, talking, and testifying about the gospel. There have been multiple times that I've stopped and thought "I can't believe I'm on a mission." It truly is an experience unlike any other. I've learned things already that I feel I couldn't have learned anywhere else. The Lord loves His missionaries and He loves us even more when we do everything we can to be exactly obedient. We are blessed in the work as we strive our hardest to do our part.
Our President talks a lot about "today, tomorrow and forever" principles and I feel like these are things you pick up on everyday while you're on your mission. The habits you making of studying, praying, and listening to the Spirit are ones I hope to carry on for the rest of my life and eventually teach my own family how greatly important the Gospel of Jesus Christ is.
The Church is true people! The Lord loves each and every one of us with a unique love that we can't even comprehend. He is waiting to bless us and we just have to obey and ask for His help.
I hope y'all have a good week! Love you so much!
Love always, Sister Webber
P.S. Mom, Happy Mothers Day! I love you to the moon and BACK.

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