Monday, June 16, 2014

Good Ole Patrick County

First, Congratulations to Bryce and Kasumi!!! Juno is the cutest little babe I've seen!! She's so adorable! I can't wait to cuddle her constantly soon!!! Ahhhh! I love her already!
Here's the scoop on Stuart, Virginia
Life is way different here than the city. Transfer day was good. We went out to lunch with a member of the ward and with Bridget (our investigator) and I was surprisingly calm and at peace. When we got to the Hilliard building and the seas of missionaries began to gather, my heart began to ache more and more by the minute. I sat through transfers thinking, why is this happening? I'd rather just leave and go home now. But I knew there were things the Lord still wanted me to accomplish. We sang God be With you and the mission song and through both, I just wept. I made it through the meeting and it was the fastest I've left the Hilliard building after a transfer meeting because the member driving us had to be back stat. It was like a bandaid. I wanted to linger and say goodbye to every one of my best friends but there just wasn't time, and just like that, I was swept away. We drove with a member from the Mt Airy ward and the Elders from that ward so we all headed there (2.5 hour drive about) and then from Mt Airy we loaded up our car with my stuff and drove another 45 minutes to Stuart. I brought my bike, but the branch leaders have prohibited the sisters from riding them here...uhhh wish I would have known that so i could have left it in Charlotte...oh well. But we're full car but don't have many miles and the miles we do have are saved for meetings down in Winston and Mt Airy every week. So we walk a whole lot. and i have to ice my crip knee every night because it gets so swollen from all the walking up and down giant mountains (rolling hills) :)
It surprisingly is a lot like Bryson City. The people are mostly friendly and the southern hospitality exists more here than it did in Charlotte. We saw a cute little less active lady this week and during the closing prayer (in the thickest back woods accent) she said, "welcome this new sister to patrick county. where the people are....pretty good." it was so funny. We live across the street from the church house. mom, you said you googled it? isn't it the cutest little church house? I'll have to send you some pictures of the inside. it's little. so is the branch. yesterday at church I was thinking, where are all the people? There's about 30 active members. there were about 5 kids that got up to sing the fathers day song. and two people pass the sacrament and a total of like 7 of us in relief society. Its just small and so different from a ward. But there is a sweet spirit here.
Also, MIRACLE. we had an investigator at church yesterday. This branch hasn't had a convert baptism in years and years. and D came to church yesterday and yesterday afternoon she committed to a date. It has been amazing this week just watching the spirit work with her. On wednesday we met with her and had decided that we were going to focus on the importance of sacrament meeting and coming to church. when we brought it up she just said, NOOO! and as we sat and discussed, the spirit softened her heart and by the end of the appointment, she had agreed to come. it was so neat to watch the spirit work on her. yesterday as we discussed about baptism, when we brought it up she said, NOOO. and slowly, as we continued to discuss blessings, and covenants, and new beginnings, she agreed it was what she needed. She's wonderful.
Sister Simmons is from Idaho Falls. She's been out 10.5 months. She's great! I sent a picture of the two of us home back in like november when we went on an exchange...and she was in my district in charlotte for a little bit so she's in some of those pics too.  
Things are good here! I love it! It's a trying time but I focus everyday on overcoming the natural man. I think that's what I'm supposed to learn this last transfer. To just work until I've got nothing left. Everyday when I wake up I think, yeah. I've got nothing left. But I just pray that my Father in Heaven will help me just keep on keeping on another day and to accomplish everything he wants me to accomplish.
We can do hard things. Webbers do hard things.
Thank you for all your love. I love you all so much. The gospel is true! God lives! Jesus is the Christ!
Love, Sister Webber

Virginia is for Lovers

We've been assigned to divide and conquer. I'm getting transferred
tomorrow! It's hard to believe. My heart hurts a little. Actually, a
lot. I'll miss Sister Tanner and all our laughs and giggles about the
crazy things that happen to us. I'll miss the city life where the
people are so accessible. I'll miss the members of this ward that have
become my best friends and taught me principles that will shape my
life now and in the eternities.

But, the only consistent thing in the church is change.

I constantly remind myself that this all wouldn't be happening unless
it was what The Lord wanted. I have faith that everything is playing
out how it is supposed to. I have many fears and anxieties about the
next six weeks but when I start to get overly worked about it all I
think about the one liner mom has sent to me week after week
throughout my mission:

"you can do hard things"

I have trust and faith in the Lord. I know my Father in a Heaven
watches over me and has a plan for me. He is in the details of my
life. He knows what is truly going on in my heart and mind.

I'll be serving in Stuart, Virginia! It is a small little branch in
the back woods country of Virginia. I know who my companion is and I'm
grateful that I already know her and we've shared good times in the
past. I've been on many exchanges with her and served in the same
district with her before. She's great. It'll all be a great, memorable
Here's my address. Google it. Or send me something:)
P.O. Box 1034
300 Staples Ave. Apt D
Stuart, VA 24171
I'll confirm that this is right for sure next week:)

Love you all so much. This gospel is true! God is mindful of us. He
loves each of you so very much. Have the best week!

Sister Webber

"If we have faith in Jesus Christ, the hardest as well as the easiest
times in life can be a blessing."

Norf Cackalack


First, happy birthday to daddio this week! I hope you do something
really fun! Sorry I keep missing your birthday! :) I love you so much
and hope you have a great day! I'll be thinking about you all week!
Also, someone tell Cade welcome home for me!!

Happy June! One of the best months of the year! I'm happy it's June. I
find myself reflecting back and playing the 'this time last year' game
more often than not. A year ago this week I was transferred from
Cherokee to Charlotte and I ran the event through my mind over and
over and over this week and how difficult that week was for me. I
didn't think I'd ever recover or that I'd ever love anything as much
as my time in Cherokee. But I had no idea what The Lord had in store
for me in the coming 14ish months.  Before I even left that area, I
pleaded with Heavenly Father to have love for my new area and for my
new companion.
I told Sister Jameson last week about an experience I had about three
weeks into my mission. We were at a meeting for new missionaries and
their trainers and President Craven was speaking. He said, new
missionaries, you think you left your best friends at home but you
didn't! You haven't met them yet because they're here in the North
Carolina Charlotte mission. In my mind I was thinking, yeah right,
because my heart ached everyday for all the people I left behind but
since then, I have gained a testimony of that simple truth. I didn't
know the people here would change my life forever. You experience so
many ups and downs on a mission and naturally cling to the people who
helped you through those hard times because they make an eternal
influence in your spiritual progression and on your life. Whether it's
a companion, a district leader or zone leader, another missionary, the
members of the wards you serve in, they all played a role in my
personal conversion process.  My life has changed because of the
people I've come to love over the last seventeen months. My heart has
expanded and my soul is enlarged toward others with the deepest
gratitude and love for the impact they've made in my life.
I studied charity a few days this week and it truly is a gift from
God. And as we pray for more charity, our heart expand and we are able
to see others how our Father in Heaven sees them.
I love the people here. The members, nonmembers, missionaries,
everyone. So much love is in my heart for the people of North

Ohh dear. I love you all so much. Thank you for loving and supporting
me in all I do. I couldn't do it without you.
You're all the best.
Love you to the moon and BACK.
LOVE, Sister Madi

North Cackalackee

Hello from North Carolina where we're ten pounds heavier and ten times

First, congrats to the cutest new parents, Carlie and Aaron. Baby
Hudson is a little dreamer already. Can't wait to meet him:)
I don't have a lot to report on this week. Sister Tanner got sick for
four straight days so it was a bit of an uneventful week. but we still
saw many miracles.

There's this fun thing that happens here with everyone, and everything
is a crisis. Seriously. So we had a few crises with investigators this
week but everything is back to normal. As normal as normal gets around
here. :)

On Friday we had interviews with President and it was the greatest. I
love it. We talked about a lot of things and he gave me good guidance
and counsel for some of my concerns. He also told us that he plans to
leave us together until I leave. Yeahhh baby. I can't believe I'll be
in Reedy Creek for HALF of my mission. Who would have ever known.
Also, on Saturday we went to a wedding of a recent convert and a
returning less active in the ysa ward here and it was so wonderful.
They have been working towards the temple for many months already and
it was all so great. The bishop said so many wonderful things about
eternal families and what an influence the two of them will make on
generations to come because of the righteous decisions they've made.

I love North Carolina! I love being a missionary! I cherish this
sacred time now and forever! The spirit that is felt when introducing
the gospel to God's children for the first time is unlike any other.
It is miraculous, it is life changing, and it is perfect. I simply
love it.
I love all of you! Thank you for everything you do for me:)
Love always,
Sister Webber


Congrats to my besties, Megs and Trev!!! I'm so happy for you two!
It was Miracle city in Charlotte this week. Seriously, incredible.

On Skype I told you the status of where B was at and that we had
planned to just take it slow, and eventually she'd be baptized down
the road. We hadn't been in contact with her for a few days and
couldn't get ahold of the members she's living with so Tuesday night
we had a prompting to stop by. It was a really hard night for her and
in those moments, her faith was weak and her hope for the future had
diminished. After a long discussion, in tears, she had made a 180. We
talked about how we were here to be her guides, to help her understand
and apply the gospel in her life to help her strengthen her faith,
repent, be baptized, and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost in her
life. We made an agreement that we would come everyday if she agreed
to do the things we invited her to do, especially picking up the Book
of Mormon that she said she was "scared of." She has so much potential
and Satan has had her in a choke hold to the point that she even knew
that if she were to read the Book of Mormon, something would change.

We've met everyday since then and she has made leaps and bounds.
Everyday we go, she can't wait to tell us what she learned about faith
and repentance from the Book of Mormon. She understands the Doctrine
of Christ better than anyone I've ever taught. It is incredible. She's
preparing for June 7th. (HBD, dad:)) she was so excited when we talked
about that date and was so excited about everything at church
yesterday. After every talk and lesson, she'd lean over and say, that
was perfect. I needed that, that was just for me. One of the members
of the ward is going to make her baptism dress! It's such an exciting

L is doing great too. She came to church yesterday! All week we
were praying really hard that she'd have the courage to find a new job
that wouldn't make her work in Sundays. She texted us on Thursday
night asking us to pray for her because she had an interview. When we
texted her on Friday, asking her if she would need a ride to church
she said, I GOT IT! Prayer is real. Her faith is growing because she's
recognizing that she's receiving answers.

During planning earlier in the week, we were trying to come up with a
backup to an appointment just in case it fell through and Sister
Tanner threw out a name  of a former investigator that lived in
that general direction. It had been a while since we talked with her
so we decided to put it down. The next day during lunch the phone
rang, I looked at it, it said  (this former investigator), I
looked at sister Tanner and just said, no way. it's her. I answered
it. This cute lady is from Liberia and has the best accent and just
said, Is this Webber?? Yes. I want to worship with you this Sunday,
but I need a ride. Can you help me? Uhhh. Yes. Yes we can help you
. She's the best and loved every minute of church, and everyone
just loved her.

One day this week we were visiting a returning member (who is real
old. 81 today actually) and during our lesson we were showing her a
video. during the video she kept looking around the room, uneasily. We
were on exchange so the sister didn't know the member very well but
kept watching her while Sister Thomas couldn't sit still during this
video. Sister Thomas looked at me and said, do you hear that?? I
paused the video and heard something rustling around and said, yes...
She said, it's a raccoon! Listen to him. And there was this squealing
going on from behind a wall. There was a raccoon lodged in her
CHIMNEY. and every time it moved, stuff would fall into the fireplace.
It was like a movie. My heart started beating fast and I stood up from
the couch and asked if she had a broom. She handed me one and we
decided we were going to get the wild animal out. I was standing in
the living room with a broom in my hand while this little frail Sister
Thomas held open the front door while it dumped buckets of rain
outside while the sister I was on exchange with stood in the corner
with her hands over her face. I was frantic and every scenario was
running through my mind. I could see this rabid animal falling into
the fireplace and every movie scene of raccoon attacks came running
through my mind and then I no longer wanted to fight off the potential
rabid critter. It was horrifying. Long story short, the raccoon is
still lodged up in there. Sister Thomas came and told us at church.
Any animal control will charge her over 180 big ones. And the city
won't take care of it unless it's literally inside your house. I was
on the phone with some lady from the city asking if they would take
care of it for free and she said, ma'am unless it's in your living
quarters, we can't send someone out. I was thinking, for real? I said,
so this animal needs to be running ramped through the house before
someone will come get it? Her response? Yes ma'am. We told the elders
about it yesterday, they're going to go take care of it:) haha.

We had a mission conference this week. It was the best. I got to see
so many of my buddies that I haven't seen in months. It was so fun.
Everyone was freakin out about how fast July is coming. Crazy talk.
But the conference was incredible and we were spiritually fed. It was
like an MLC but it gave the entire mission an opportunity to hear all
the things we hear, directly from President Craven.

I love being a missionary! I love witnessing these incredible miracles
every single day. I love seeing people change through the Gospel of
Jesus Christ. It is incredible.
Love you all. You're in my prayers

Sister Webber