Monday, August 26, 2013

Air Punch

Happy first week of school to y'all! Glad I'm not there to partake of that;)

This week was quite a week in Charlotte.

Monday we got to go to the Mission Home and have dinner with the thirty incoming missionaries. There were so many missionaries. It was fun. We had dinner and did the Q&A with them and the assistants and then brought 5 back to our apartment again to spend the night. I'm amazed at the amount of missionaries serving right now. There are so many good people who come so prepared and ready to share the gospel. (funny side note. they split up the assistants and my companion and I so one of us are at each table with a bunch of new missionaries and they had name tags for everyone and mine said "Elder Webber" and one of the assistants thought it was so funny. He came in the room at the end of dinner and said, "Elder Webber, if you could wrap up the conversation, we're going to start in the other room in 5 minutes." I just turned around and said, "Thank you Sister Frampton" two can play that game. I kept the name tag. I thought it was funny. I'll send it to Bud:)

aaaaand here's all about the roller coaster we call our Jewish Investigator
We saw him on Tuesday and he was in a state of depression. It had just sunk in that he had lost his job and wasn't really looking to do anything about it. We were a little discouraged about it all when we left his apartment. The next morning, we had just gotten home from taking the departing sister back to the Cravens (Mission President) and He (investigator) called us with happiness in his voice. Sister Jameson put the phone on speaker in time for me to hear him say, "I know Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. I know He died for my sins. I know He is my Savior and Redeemer." We both sat in silence just staring at each other. He had an incredible experience with the Spirit and prayer. God has blessed him with a lot of sacred experiences. We saw him later that day and he was jumping up and down about getting baptized on the 31st.

Later that day we had a lesson with him about the Law of Chastity and talked about how he couldn't be living with his female roommate and get baptized. From here we quickly descended downward on the roller coaster. Right back into a state of depression. (He is married and has been separated for like 5 years. Neither of them have ever dated anyone else, they still "love each other" but they can't live with each other. He has a roommate for financial purposes) So he got real mad about that and how it was not in the scriptures or anywhere on or that he couldn't have a female roommate...and later that night sent us some real rude texts and voicemails on our phone about his feelings. Knowing me, who doesn't deal well with people who have emotions and feelings that are all over the place, got a little mad. (I've repented, but I was not happy, I'm sure you can't imagine that right?) Anyway. The next morning we got a phone call from him and he was happy about how all these things had happened (I'll tell you all  the details in person one day) and that he was moving and it was all sorted out and that he still wanted to get baptized. So, he is getting baptized on Saturday

We had stake conference this weekend and everyone that saw him was so thrilled to hear that he was Jewish and that he was getting baptized. (he wears his Yamaka everywhere he goes so he stands out pretty good:) 
Also, T. is getting baptized this Saturday too. It has been a week of little mighty miracles. We've had some really good lessons and discussions with T. and her mom. We're still working on bringing her mom back but T. is set and ready for this weekend. Keep praying for the two of them. A lot of things still need to happen before Saturday but they're on track right now:) (funny sidenote #2-T is fascinated with the idea of missionaries and always asks us a million questions about what it's like to be a missionary and yesterday I was sitting next to her during stake conference she leaned over and said, "Do they make y'all dress like that so you don't turn people on?" I had to hold in my intense laughter that took over my insides but I just said yes and she went back to listening to the speaker. I'm glad I had a 12 year old confirm to me what my companion and I have been worried about the last 3 months. We're doing great at being frumpy, ugly sister missionaries. hoorah)
Mom to answer your questions: we've traveled a lot the last two transfers on assignment from President Craven. He assigned a few more sister training leaders to spread the load out. There are 82 sisters in the mission and everyone is supposed to go on exchange with the training leaders at least once a transfer. So now there are 5 companionships of sister training leaders. This transfer we probably won't travel as much as we were earlier this summer but we'll still be going to different areas twice a week. There are few zones in this mission that these eyes haven't seen. It's the best getting to see so many places. Yes, it rained almost all of July. There were days here and there that were absolutely awful with heat and humidity but not not too many. We had an entire week a little bit ago that was in the mid 90s but the rain hasn't been too bad. It sprinkles at least once a day. Usually late afternoon, but the wretched storms have simmered down. They'll kick up again soon with hurricanes. We don't ride our bikes a ton but here and there we do since we're limited with miles. we're good at picking days that it down pours:) Also, I know Elder Clawson! He's a zone leader in Gastonia so I see him at mission leadership council every month! I'll have to tell him our families know each other. 
Dad, I'll send more pictures when I can:) I have taken a million, we just email on computers from the stone age so I'll get them to you eventually.
I love you. I hope y'all have a great week. I pray for you every minute of the day! You're the best family in the world. 
Sister Webber

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hello Again.....

Hola mi familia. Dreams came true this week. I was Hermana Webber for two days. We went on exchange in Winston-Salem with the Spanish sisters. It was the best. I was surprised at how much I could understand. I couldn't talk back, but I could understand quite a bit. It was fun.
Also, Sister Jameson and I are breaking trends around here. We're together for another transfer in Pineville. 3 transfers. PEOPLE. this is unheard of in this mission. We were really nervous all week for transfer calls but it's all good now. I'm really happy about it. We're here to stay so we'll get to see Tawanya and Steve both get baptized.
Speaking of Steve-o...he's doing great. He gave us all of his coffee the other night after we taught him the word of wisdom and he came for all three hours of church yesterday. Saturday we had a lesson with him and he wants it so bad. He told us "its not a matter anymore of if i'm getting baptized but when." He said he wants to believe in Jesus Christ and wants to be baptized in His name. He's praying so hard for it. he'll get there. Keep praying for him.
We had zone meeting this last week. It was all centered on the Doctrine of Christ. It was one of the best zone meetings I've been to. We have some really great zone leaders in our area and our zone had a really good discussion about how the Doctrine of Christ and our purpose as missionaries are one in the same.
I love y'all. I hope you have a wonderful week. You're the best in the west. Literally. :)
Sister Webber

Monday, August 12, 2013


Hello my lovelies.
Fun fact about me for today-I hate emailing. I wish I could just pick up the phone on Mondays and word vomit my week at you and then hang up. A blank email is too intimidating and I never know how to fill it. Plus, I don't have a lot of time today so forgive me if it's vague.
Our Jewish friend is doing well. I was really worried about him after a little freak out he had last week. But then on Friday night we met with him at the Craven's house with President and Sister Craven and it was brilliant. It was seriously the best and I wanted to have every investigator I've ever taught sit down and talk to President Craven. He is an incredible teacher and helped him to simply understand our expectations. He came to the Elder's baptism on Saturday night and cried through the whole thing and yesterday he stayed for all three hours of church. It was great. He is so full of obscure questions but we bring them all back to the Book of Mormon and the Restoration of the gospel. He's getting there. He'll be baptized soon.
We had a few really good lessons with another investigator this week. There is a woman in our ward who has reached out to her and become like a big sister. After their yw activity this week we went to the church to show her the baptismal font and walk her through how her baptism service would go. We talked about the why of being baptized and watched the Bible video when Christ was baptized. I have never been more grateful for technology as I am when we can whip out one of those videos. The ipads make sense to me now. All the wonderful things that the church puts online are incredible. Unfortunately she won't be getting baptized this weekend. But we're planning on the end of the month. Pray for her. and her mom!
Sister Jameson had a birthday on Saturday and some of our favorite members of the ward had us over for dinner. It was like a birthday party for the two of us. They got us both gifts and made the best food. Harrah for being 22 (even if I'm still 20:). (I'll send pictures)
OH. Last night the members we ate with invited a friend over who has asked them a lot of questions about the church. She was so great. She had been to Salt Lake before and been on all the tours with the missionaries there and was fascinated by the missionaries. She is a twin of Kathy and the whole time during dinner and while we were teaching her I just wanted to give her a hug because she. is. Kath. We're meeting with her again tomorrow. I'll let ya know what happens.
I think I told you before, but the mission is reading the Book of Mormon together right now and focusing on the Doctrine of Christ. I am learning so much everyday and clearly realizing how the Atonement is central to the Doctrine of Christ. We would not be able to live with our Father in Heaven again if it were not for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. God's mercy is perfectly portrayed through the Doctrine of Christ. Having faith in Jesus Christ, repenting, making sacred covenants, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring well to the end is the way. It is so simple and us as imperfect beings make it complicated. It's the process of becoming and I'm grateful we have it! It's the only way we can progress. -there's my thought for the week
I love you all. I hope your last weeks of summer time are wonderful. Thank you for all the love and support! You're the best!
Love always,
Sister (Carolina) Webber
p.s. Dad: my bike is fixed:) I hunted down the maintenance man at our complex so we could borrow tools.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy August

Y'all had an eventful week! Thanks for all the pictures. I'm glad you had fun!
An historic week has come upon us. We had Misson Leadership Council on Friday and President announced to the leaders that effective immediately, we were facebookers and skypers. I'll be on facebook everyday now but I won't be messaging y'all or anything so no worries;) President Wade who was here about a month ago telling us all about it said it was going to be exciting because our families could watch us be missionaries. Our main focus will be in our area in Charlotte and to work with the members here but there aren't limitations to who we can teach, wherever they may be. So that's pretty exciting! I just had a heart attack the first time I logged on this week and didn't know what to do. But Sister Craven walked us through it all and we're set and ready to go. I just have to finish editing it all. Gotta be all dignified, ya know? ;)
The rest of this week was pretty great! We went on great exchanges and taught some wonderful lessons. Our investigator is still doing great and preparing to be baptized on the 17th! Keep praying for her. She needs to be rock solid in all of it just because of her situation. She's doing good though. and the ward is being rock stars at scooping her up. Steve didn't come to church yesterday. He texted us while we were sitting in ward council and said that he wouldn't be there because a friend had invited him to their church. The inner 3 year old in me wanted to throw the phone at the wall but I kept my cool. He was all on board to come to the mission home fireside last night too so he could meet the Elder's recent convert who is Jewish but we were stood up. It would have been perfect for him. President Craven said so many things that Steve needed to hear..but he'll hear it eventually. I think he's trying to soak up too much info too fast and might have gotten trapped in some anti things online but he sent us a mighty long text this morning about what he was thinking and feeling. Our next lesson with him is going to be at President Craven's house. It's gonna be good:)
We're teaching our neighbors now! They're from Guatemala and my Spanglish is coming along nicely:) I actually whipped out all the Spanish my brain could muster when we contacted this lady the other day on exchange. I surprised myself at how much I could communicate with her and explain about the church and how we had spanish speaking missionaries that we could send to her. I'm convinced I'll be turned into Hermana Webber before my mission is over. If not on this mission...then it'll happen sometime in my lifetime.
This gospel is true. God lives! Jesus is the Christ. I know God hears and answers our prayers. I love being a missionary. I hope y'all have a great week. You're in my thoughts and prayers always.
I love you so much!
Sister Webber