Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You'ns sound goooood

My people!
First of all, shoutout to my besties. Congratulations to my dear Curly and Aar bear!!! I'm so excited for you two!! I wish I could be there for all this crazy business but I know it's going to be such an exciting few months for the two of you and an eternity of happiness!! I love you both so much and miss you like crazy!! Good luck with all the wedding prep!!
OH, this week. Holy moly. I never know where to begin in these emails! We've been working our little tails off dealing with the firey darts that come our way. 90% of our investigators are really flakey so we are working hard to kick butt and take names with them and trying to figure out who is for real about wanting to learn the gospel and making and keeping commitments. But we do have some really good people we're working with too. There are three siblings (I don't know if I've mentioned them before) but they're step grandma was the one who got baptized at the beginning of the month. They're living with her and their grandpa right now and we've taught all three of them the lessons, they come to church every week, and they want to get baptized. We're just waiting on mama's permission. Pray for them, please. They want it so bad and I hope it all works out.
We're teaching a lady right now that we found her through a member who passed away the week we got here. She is a neighbor and we've been helping her with a bunch of different things the last few weeks. We helped her put together a little memorial service for the member. She is a Cherokee woman who means business and she has such a strong belief in God and wants to learn more. Funny story: The night before the service we went over to her house to see if there was anything else she needed help with and we ended up making a picture poster of Pinto (the member who passed away). It was all a funny, weird experience. We were sitting on her floor, covered in cat hair, making a big bright blue poster for a memorial service in a home reaking of cigarettes while she blasted Christian country music. I put my head down so she couldn't see me laughing but the whole situation was a little odd. We asked her if we could turn off the music, but she couldn't hear us talking over the good tunes. I wish I had the whole thing on film. It was hilarious.
Our main focus right now is the part member families, all of which are less active. We called all 25 of our part member families one morning and got a few appointments so we're hoping for good things with each of them. We've met with a few of the families already and seeing a desire in these less actives to come back to church. We're working on actually getting them there.
We had interviews with President Craven yesterday. I feel like phone calls, meetings, and interviews with him come at just the right time. He always says everything I need to hear and gives so much good counsel and advice. I leave every meeting with him thinking, YES. Baptize EVERYONE!! It was great. I feel so loved when I'm around the Cravens. They are both called of God. I know that to be true.
Well I'm glad everyone is doing well! I know that when we trust in the Lord, it all works out. That's the only way it can all work out. We can't do anything alone and we need to have faith and trust that He is always there for us. I know that to be true. I know it. I love this gospel. I love that I have the opportunity to serve in this mission at this particular time. I love y'all and pray for you multiple times a day.
Hope y'all have a Happy Easter this week and a happy beginning to spring break!
Love always,
Sister Webber
P.S. People say phrases here that you only hear on movies. I'm not kidding. I didn't think people really said fixin, reckon, you'ns, younder, youngn's, and all that stuff. it's reaaaaal southern talking in the Cherokee nation y'all. 
P.P.S. The west needs to look into getting a Bojangles chain going out there. Best chicken and biscuits in the world. Good thing they're putting us on bikes soon so I don't get fat, ya know? :)  

Sister Webber and Sister Sellers

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