Monday, August 19, 2013

Hello Again.....

Hola mi familia. Dreams came true this week. I was Hermana Webber for two days. We went on exchange in Winston-Salem with the Spanish sisters. It was the best. I was surprised at how much I could understand. I couldn't talk back, but I could understand quite a bit. It was fun.
Also, Sister Jameson and I are breaking trends around here. We're together for another transfer in Pineville. 3 transfers. PEOPLE. this is unheard of in this mission. We were really nervous all week for transfer calls but it's all good now. I'm really happy about it. We're here to stay so we'll get to see Tawanya and Steve both get baptized.
Speaking of Steve-o...he's doing great. He gave us all of his coffee the other night after we taught him the word of wisdom and he came for all three hours of church yesterday. Saturday we had a lesson with him and he wants it so bad. He told us "its not a matter anymore of if i'm getting baptized but when." He said he wants to believe in Jesus Christ and wants to be baptized in His name. He's praying so hard for it. he'll get there. Keep praying for him.
We had zone meeting this last week. It was all centered on the Doctrine of Christ. It was one of the best zone meetings I've been to. We have some really great zone leaders in our area and our zone had a really good discussion about how the Doctrine of Christ and our purpose as missionaries are one in the same.
I love y'all. I hope you have a wonderful week. You're the best in the west. Literally. :)
Sister Webber

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