Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy August

Y'all had an eventful week! Thanks for all the pictures. I'm glad you had fun!
An historic week has come upon us. We had Misson Leadership Council on Friday and President announced to the leaders that effective immediately, we were facebookers and skypers. I'll be on facebook everyday now but I won't be messaging y'all or anything so no worries;) President Wade who was here about a month ago telling us all about it said it was going to be exciting because our families could watch us be missionaries. Our main focus will be in our area in Charlotte and to work with the members here but there aren't limitations to who we can teach, wherever they may be. So that's pretty exciting! I just had a heart attack the first time I logged on this week and didn't know what to do. But Sister Craven walked us through it all and we're set and ready to go. I just have to finish editing it all. Gotta be all dignified, ya know? ;)
The rest of this week was pretty great! We went on great exchanges and taught some wonderful lessons. Our investigator is still doing great and preparing to be baptized on the 17th! Keep praying for her. She needs to be rock solid in all of it just because of her situation. She's doing good though. and the ward is being rock stars at scooping her up. Steve didn't come to church yesterday. He texted us while we were sitting in ward council and said that he wouldn't be there because a friend had invited him to their church. The inner 3 year old in me wanted to throw the phone at the wall but I kept my cool. He was all on board to come to the mission home fireside last night too so he could meet the Elder's recent convert who is Jewish but we were stood up. It would have been perfect for him. President Craven said so many things that Steve needed to hear..but he'll hear it eventually. I think he's trying to soak up too much info too fast and might have gotten trapped in some anti things online but he sent us a mighty long text this morning about what he was thinking and feeling. Our next lesson with him is going to be at President Craven's house. It's gonna be good:)
We're teaching our neighbors now! They're from Guatemala and my Spanglish is coming along nicely:) I actually whipped out all the Spanish my brain could muster when we contacted this lady the other day on exchange. I surprised myself at how much I could communicate with her and explain about the church and how we had spanish speaking missionaries that we could send to her. I'm convinced I'll be turned into Hermana Webber before my mission is over. If not on this mission...then it'll happen sometime in my lifetime.
This gospel is true. God lives! Jesus is the Christ. I know God hears and answers our prayers. I love being a missionary. I hope y'all have a great week. You're in my thoughts and prayers always.
I love you so much!
Sister Webber

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