Thursday, September 26, 2013

September 23, 2013

My little lovelies in Cali,
It appears to me that you had quite a time in California. Thanks for all the pictures:) I loved them!
We went on exchange this week to Dobson. It is a dream land. It reminded me of Cherokee minus the mountains. It's Sister Jameson's last area and it was the best. They have such wonderful sisters there and it was so good. I'll have to send you pictures because it's beautiful. A crazy thing happened on exchange..a few days ago the sisters there were knocking on doors and came in contact with a woman who wasn't very interested but said she knew a lot of Mormons because she used to live in Boise. The conversation didn't go much further because she wasn't into it. While we were there on exchange they got a referral for a lady named Wendy so we called the number that came in with the referral. I called a lady named Angie who knew Wendy and had recently sent her a "care package" full of Ensigns, The Living Christ, The Proclamation to the World, The Book of Mormon and all that good stuff. She gave us some advice on how to approach her friend and then we went. Turns out this Wendy lady was the same lady that the sisters had talked with just the week before. We went and knocked on her door and because we were running late, we chatted for just a minute and set up a time to come back. She was willing to meet again and it was incredible to just watch the Spirit work with her right in that moment. She knew she needed it and she submitted to the will of the Lord. You could see it in her face. It was incredible.
We're breaking ground with my dear Clyburn family. Tawanya's brother, Dequon came to church again yesterday. He's 15. I caught myself treating him how I treat Harrison. He has told us 2943 times he doesn't want to meet with us but then we invite him to church, and he comes. Yesterday before sacrament meeting started I went and sat by him and started hitting him with questions and asking him why he keeps coming to church. He's stubborn as all 15 males are and wouldn't talk but I gave it to him. I pretty much told him I knew he was at church because deep down he knows it's where God wants him and he knows it's right and that it's true. He just sat there and smiled. I wanted to slug him, but that's not what Jesus would do so I decided to change the subject and just teach him about prophets. But we've been having some good experiences with him this week and building a really good relationship with his mom. Tawanya is already on our team. She's become our best friend the last few weeks. She's a killer good time.
Remember the cute little girls I sent pictures of who were doing my hair? We're teaching their family right now...their mom is a returning member and the oldest boy is too. Anna, her daughter is getting baptized on the 19th! We're really excited about it. They're a cute family.
This is all my heart has to offer. I hope y'all are recovering nicely from your trip:) I'm jealous but I know our future holds p-lenty of Disneyland trips in the year 2014.
I love being a missionary! There is no greater time than that spent as a full time missionary. I know that is true! Thank you for all the love and support. I love y'all more than you'll ever know. 
Have a blessed week:)

Sister Webber

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