Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week of September 16th

This isn't going to be long...I want to catch y'all up on pictures.
It's been a great week.
I went on exchange this week to a place called Shelby. It took my brain back to the Appalachians. It was wonderful. I have come to love love love the city but it was so fun to drive around in the country again.
We had interviews with President this week and it was so great.We also got invited to help with training at the Trainers/Trainee meeting this week. It was incredible! I don't think I'll ever get sick of being in meetings with President and Sister Craven. I love being around them all the time!
Funny story. The other day we were outside the mall food court having a lesson with a less active member in the ward...this girl at the table over was totally eavesdropping and I kept making awkward eye contact when she would look over at us...when she got up to leave she came over and said something about how she overheard our conversation and she handed us a napkin invite to Elevation Church (this bidnizz is big around here. all the teenagers and young adults eat it up. someone said you can youtube it) but the special this week was on "i don't know what I believe" and she made a point to tell us that. She walked away and this member we were teaching just said, wow.  and went on to tell us how she had been to that church before and how "insane" it was. The woman thought she was saving our souls, bless her heart.
Miracle story: Yesterday at church, I walked into gospel principles and one of our ward members who is a ward missionary was sitting next to a girl I didn't recognize so I went and sat by them. Sister Carter introduced us briefly before the class started and all I knew about this girl was that she wasn't a member and that she didn't know anyone in the ward. Come to find out, her boyfriend left on a mission about a month ago, she's in Charlotte for school at Queens and she said she was not happy with all the different churches she's been trying out since she's been here. In a letter, she explained this to her boyfriend who is in the MTC and he emailed her three links to church buildings near her and she just showed up on her own. What a brave soul, right? We set up an appointment to meet with her last night in this same member's home and we taught her the message of the Restoration. She was smiling through the entire lesson and the Spirit was so strong. It was incredible. She's preparing to be baptized on the 12th. These "Cornelius experiences" the best. If we're diligent and obedient and persevere through the difficult times, those who are prepared to hear the gospel will be lead to us and we will be led to them. Harrah for Israel.
I love you all. The gospel is true. I hope you have a wonderful trip this week. I hope Bud gets feeling better. Tell him I said congrats on the musical:) Tell Quinc I love her. Dad I love you too to the moon and back.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JANAE AND MOM. I love you both and I hope you have wonderful birthdays this week:) 
And Kate, you're the best. Er lerve yer.
Have a wonderful week my darlings.
Sister Webber

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