Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy Fall Break!

Happy fall break my family:) I hope the changing leaves and the cold weather aren't getting the best of y'all. 

I apologize in advance for the lame email:) Forgive me. 

It's been a good week though. There's a family who have been friends with members in our ward forever and Sister Jameson and I have been thinking about them a lot the last few weeks so we asked the member of the ward who is their neighbor about them a couple weeks ago. They had us over for dinner this week and invited their neighbors (who we've eaten with before a few months ago) and we all had family home evening together. A few days later Sister Jameson and I felt like we should go over and talk to this member about teaching them. We went to her home and prayed with her about it and she had the idea to give them a children's Book of Mormon for their girls and for each of her kids write their favorite Book of Mormon story in it. We all went over to give it to them and talked with their mom more about the Book of Mormon and the church. She told us all about how she had toured temple square before and how she had been to the genealogy library to find information on her family. 
It's all in the beginning stages but we're really excited about them. Pray for the Brown family:) They're real growth and they need the church as much as the church needs them. 

Laketah came to church this week and it was so great. She's the elect and such a great person. She's excited to get baptized and she knows its what she needs to do. She's praying about a specific date right now so pray for her! 
Rachel came to the Mission Home Fireside last night with us. It was so great. President Craven came and talked to her after and gave her some really good counsel. It was wonderful! We had a really good lesson with her earlier this week with a member of the ward and she's moving slowly, but she's moving in the right direction. 

Keep the Page family in your prayers! They're in the Matthews ward which just borders the Pineville ward. President Craven asked all the missionaries in our zone and the Charlotte Central zone to go to the funeral this Saturday. An Elder that just got transferred into our ward last week came from their ward and was really close to their family. I hear he was an incredible person. I've only met his older sister but my heart breaks for their family. I've already shed my fair share of tears over the matter. They are quite a family though. 

The time is flying! It's been a year, today that I decided that serving a mission was what a needed to do. What a year it has been. I never would have guessed I'd be here and be this far into my mission at this point but I'm so thankful it has all worked out the way it has. The gospel is true! God loves each of you and so do I! Never forget that! 

I love y'all so much! 
Love, Sister Webber

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