Monday, October 28, 2013

Great Week with Pictures

I'm going to keep this short so I can catch you up on some pictures:) It's been too long since I've sent any. 
It's been a great week!
We had a mission conference on Saturday and Elder Kopischke and Elder Parker of the Seventy both were here. It was incredible. Elder Kopischke started by explaining that he had learned two things in his life. That 1. we can only teach things we know and that 2. we can only receive things we are ready to receive. He talked about how he didn't know what we were all ready to receive but that if we were taught by the spirit and if we learned by the spirit that we'd receive what WE needed to receive. It was a Q&A meeting and they both answered questions from the missionaries. It was incredible. They were both really funny too which is the best. 
On Friday we helped a family move in from Hickory. It was a referral from the Zone leaders up there and they've been teaching the mom and son in this family. They are so wonderful. They came to the ward trunk or treat on Saturday and she came to church on Sunday. She's incredible but facing some challenges. She's a dream. 
The Caldwells are on fire. They all came to the ward party on Saturday and all at church yesterday. They're still shooting for the 9th! We're really excited for that!

Elder Parker was sharing his testimony at the end of the meeting on Saturday and said something that I loved... "Brother Joseph will forever be remembered for flooding the earth with the Book of Mormon. President Kimball will forever be remembered for flooding the earth with Priesthood holders. President Hinckley will forever be remembered for flooding the earth with temples and President Thomas Spencer Monson will forever be remembered for flooding the earth with missionaries. And everyone of you got to be apart of it." This is an incredible work we are involved in! And every one of us is a part of it. full time missionary or not, we are the noble and great ones who are here to proclaim the gospel and bring others unto Christ.
I love y'all. I hope you have a wonderful week. You're in my prayers. Keep being the best people I know. 
Sister Webber

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