Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Carolina snowstorm

This week. Going down in the record books. Seriously. Buckle up. It was crazy.

As y'all already know. Skype sessions with Kate this week just made
life better than ever. Anna is so great and was she was so excited to
talk to Kate. She's the cutest little lady. I just sat back and
watched. I didn't understand any more than the words baptist,
Pentecostal, Joseph Smith, Book of Mormon, and yes. But the spirit was
there. And I could feel that. So that's what matters. We're teaching
her again the beginning of March! Can't wait!

Snowstorm 2014 hit Charlotte straight in the face. For over a month
President Craven has been asking all the missionaries to have
emergency preparedness kits. Over and over again we were checking to
make sure all the missionaries had them. It made me slightly worried
to think about what kind of revelation he was receiving but that was
made manifest this week when the blizzards came. It was the craziest
thing in the world. Six solid inches. Like a bad blizzard in Utah.
But we're in the south. Without snow plows or salt. Or drivers that
know what snow and ice are. It was crazy. Literally everything shut
down. And for two days we were stuck. Our car wouldn't move and then
Sister Tanners boot soles came off so we couldn't even walk anywhere.
We were trapped inside. We went loco. But we got as much as we could
get done while indoors and then we played Jenga and got to know
everything there ever was to know about each other. Quality
companionship bonding time.

Then there was an earthquake. As if the weeks events hadn't been
unfamiliar enough for these Carolinians. An earthquake hit. It was
really little though and everyone lived.
Friday we escaped our apartment. And were privileged to witness a
wedding for two of our investigators. Tom and Jodi got married on
Valentines day and asked us to be their witnesses! It was so fun! It
was only us and the Bishop that were there and it was a really special
event. I love them both so much. Tom is on fire. Keep praying for
Jodi. She's going to make such a good member of the church one day

Saturday was Erica's baptism! It was so wonderful! I was surprisingly
so calm all day. It was incredible. Everything went so well and she
was confirmed yesterday in church. She so great and I can't wait for
the two of them to be sealed in the temple soon!

Things are well in the south! We're cold but doing so well! keep
praying for the people in Charlotte. The
work is progressing here everyday! Thank you for the love and support.
I love y'all. I know this gospel is true. I know that God is our
loving Heavenly Father and that living prophets walk the earth today.
It's a miraculous time to be a missionary. I love it.
Sister Carolina Webber

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