Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Go Seahawks

Me and Sister Tanner

Like our faces?

Smiling big in North Carolina

What a week. Between the stomach flu, zone conference, and mission
leadership council, it wasn't the average week in Reedy Creek.

We had an incredible zone conference We were tutored and
taught by the Spirit and by President and Sister Craven. Sister Craven
gave a training from 3 Nephi 26:4-5. She talked about the parallels of
good and evil and that there is no gray area. In comparison to the
vision of the tree of life. The river of darkness ran by the tree. It
was parallel to the rod of iron. The people chose wicked or they chose
good. They weren't traveling in between and the same is in our lives.
There is no gray area. Every decision we make either brings us closer
to the Savior or moves us further away.

She told a story about when her daughter was little and they were
eating Rice Krispies for breakfast. I guess the common slogan for Rice
Krispies was, what does your cereal say to you, playing off of the
"snap, crackle, pop" thing. She said one morning her daughter said,
"my cereal said I didn't have to go to church today." She compared
this to our lives  and said, what is the world telling us we don't
have to do? We talked about exact obedience and being a straight
arrow, right on target with what The Lord would have us do and become.
At the end of her training she asked us to ask ourselves these
questions, what's holding me back? What can I straighten out? And then
the kicker,
"Am I the missionary that my mother thinks I am?"

I've been thinking long and hard about this since then and thinking of
things I can improve on.
I read a talk this week from an MTC devotional given by Tad R.
Callister many years ago. It's called Becoming a Consecrated
Missionary. It's life changing. And more specifically, mission
changing. It pricks your heart in a good way and helped me to
recognize what things I can be working on in becoming a more
sanctified and consecrated missionary. He said these good one liners.

"I do not believe that there is one missionary whose weaknesses are
greater than the potential strengths within him."

He will not let us be content with our weaknesses.

Whatever the world throws at them, they throw back a smile, because
they know they have the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Consecrated missionaries lay everything on the alter of sacrifice.

Such good lines! We have to change our nature which can only come
through the Doctrine of Christ. That's how we develop attributes of
our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. "The very power of God are
found in His attributes of godliness." Elder Gene Cook said that one.
Through the Atonement outer very natures can change.

Every fiber of our beings can be changed through repentance. We're
doing a forty day fast again as mission. In the overview and
invitation President and Sister Craven sent out before it began, they
sent this scripture with it.
 Matthew 4:11
"Then, the devil leaveth Him, and, behold, angels came and ministered
unto Him."
That's the goal, to have the devil and his influence leave us. To
become more like the Savior and receive the strength that He did.

Sorry for the sermon.

I had a lot of personal study time this week because Sister Lewis had
back to back plagues. I learned a lot to say the least. I won't even
get going on what I learned about the resurrection. One day I'll have
to tell you about because my mind and spirit were full of insight this
week. It was incredible.

I got to see Laketa and Qwamarus yesterday at the mission president
fireside. I miss them so much. They're coming to Utah in August. A
member of the ward is bringing them out. :) I can't waaaaait for y'all
to meet them all.

Transfers are tomorrow Sister Lewis is leaving. She's been here for
so so long so it's been an emotional weekend for her. I'll be sad to
let her go. We've become good friends the last few months. I've
learned a lot from her. It is interesting to see how a mission can
bring people together and form eternal friendships that wouldn't have
been created otherwise. I am so grateful for it.

There are moments on my mission, daily, when I feel like the spirit is
tapping on my heart, reminding me how lucky I am to have the gospel in
my life, for God's children in North Carolina, and for my eternal

I am so blessed to have you. I love y'all so much.

Sister Webber

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