Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sister Tanner is in town

I know y'all like the long letters...but I don't think a letter will
ever get as long as last weeks was. I can't focus on one thing for
that long:)  But it's been so good here this week.
Tuesday: Transfers. I was literally having a heart attack all day
wondering who my companion was going to be. I saw President and 
I wanted to ask him, but I withstood. We went to
transfers and he went through a bunch of people. He does it
differently with the missionaries with leadership assignments. He was
going through all the new companionships with sister training leaders
and each time, my heart was beating faster and faster. I was sitting
halfway back in the chapel and the next person he called was Sister
Tanner. She stood up and he said, "sister tanner has been called as
one of our new sister training leaders and we're sending her far far
away next door to serve in Reedy Creek with Sister Webber." I stood up
and she turned around and came back to sit by me. There was an audible
gasp. it was so good. it's going to be good. PRAYER IS REAL. The Lord
is in the details of our lives! Hahaha
We've had a good week full of fun and lots of work. We trained at zone
meeting Poor sister Tanner had two day notice. It went so
good though. I consider it a success:)

Your prayers have been felt through each of our investigators. 

I had a very humbling experience this week. In an awful way. A few
days ago we had an appointment set up with an investigator that we
haven't been able to meet with for a few weeks. His wife wasn't going
to be home so we were trying so hard to get a member to come with us.
We were trying to find someone who was a convert and of the same
religious background as him..but we weren't having any luck because of
a leadership meeting that was being held at the same time. it all led
to us calling our go to members that come to anything and everything
with us.
We were out knocking on a few doors before we needed to head to the
appointment and I told Sister Tanner that I felt weird and thought we
should cancel the appointment. I talked myself out of it because I
figured it was just because I wasn't feeling good and I was being lazy
so I pushed the thought aside.
The member called and told us his wife wasn't feeling well but we told
him we couldn't go if it was just us and him. immediately I thought,
"Cancel" but i pushed it aside again.
So we went to this appointment, it got ugly fast and turned into a
bloody bible bash between our investigator and the members. We tried
to cut it off more than once and finally we just said, we have to go.
so we prayed, and left faster than anyone could even think. Sister
Tanner and I got in the car and left before anyone else had even left
the house. It was awful. While we were sitting on the couch listening
to the brawl, all I could think was that I had ignored the spirit.
That I had received the prompting more than once that it needed to not
happen and I had straight up pushed it aside both times. It reminded
me of how often dad says if you ignore the spirit long enough, it'll
go away. how true that is. and how guilty you feel when it actually
happens. I learned a valuable lesson. and never in my life will I
ignore a prompting because of the feelings it led to.
Never delay a prompting. Our Father in Heaven has given us the spirit
as a precious gift if we remain worthy of it. I know miracles can
happen if we pay heed to the promptings of the spirit.

What a miraculous week it will be. The sisters Webber teaching
TOGETHER. Nothing better. I can't wait. It's going to be so good.
I love y'all. Thank you for your love, prayers, and support. I
couldn't do it without y'all:)
Have a wonderful week! You're in my prayers.
Love, Sister Webber

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