Sunday, April 20, 2014

No Longer Homeless

My favorite family.

Attention: We are no longer homeless.
Even though it was a thrilling and grand adventure, it's nice to have
a place that we can call home where we can hang our clothes up and
study at a desk. :)
I learned how to play a really fun game last week, it's called
ultimate ball. I was sore for two days but it was worth it. I'll teach
y'all how to play. It's the BEST.

We had a really good zone conference this week. The training and role
plays were about using the scriptures in our teaching. It was really
great and created the desire within me to memorize the Book of Mormon
or something really intense. I love the scriptures. I have gained a
true and lasting love and conviction for the Book of Mormon on my
mission. I love it. It has helped me, strengthened me, and solidified
my testimony. I hope I can manage my time well enough at home to be
able to have an hour of personal study everyday:) realistic right?
I'll have to make it happen. Family, in the summer, let's have
companionship study all together, yeah? One hour. Y'all can do it. WE

We went on two exchanges this week and on one I got to go out to the
country of Albemarle. There aren't any mountains there but it made me
miss this time last year in the mountains. It was a fun place where
only country people inhabit. They are the best kind. I loved it.

Saturday was bike day and we rode all over creation.  I don't know if
you can google search this, but look for pictures of cars in North
Carolina in the spring covered in pollen. Go find a picture and then
think about how much of that is in my lungs and sinuses after riding a
bike outside all day. It was insane. We were coughing and snotting and
picking silk worms out of our hair all night. #southernlife but for
some reason, I love every second of it. It is the best time of year to
ride a bike. It's not humid yet.
Saturday night when we were on our bikes, we were riding home for
dinner and decided to stop at a members house who told us to come get
water if we were close. So we stopped, no one answered, and while we
were standing on the porch panting, looking so cute with our helmets
still on our heads, the Andrus's pulled down the street. (They're the
senior couple in the office you've probably talked to a million times.
They're also in our ward.) they told us to get in the car so we locked
our bikes up and went with them. They took us to a diner down the
street and got us dinner and one of our investigators ended up being
our waitress. Talk about perfect timing on all fronts. It was the
best. Tender mercies of The Lord all around.

Yesterday I got to take the sacrament. My soul rejoiced after waiting
two long weeks for the sacrament. I have gained a greater
understanding of the significance of the sacrament in recent months.
Because of my mission, repentance has become one of my greatest
friends. If it wasn't for the refining and sanctifying that goes on in
the mission field, I don't think I would have ever really and truly
repented of my sins and felt the Redeeming power of the Atonement in
my life. I have learned the significant role of the priesthood in
repentance and clung to the power behind it. I know the power of the
priesthood is real. I know it was restored through a prophet of God
and without it, we could not return to live with our Father in Heaven
again. This is Christ's church. He lives! Because of Him we can
experience all the Father has.
I testify He is our Savior and Redeemer. What a beautiful time of year
we have to celebrate the living Christ and remember Him! Happy Easter!

Go watch the new because of Him video the church released yesterday.
It's life changing. Share it with everyone you know.

Sister Webber

Heading to NASCAR........

We're #1

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