Sunday, May 18, 2014

Transfer Week

Transfers are this week and thanks to many prayers, Sister Tanner and
I are staying in Reedy Creek together. It's a Christmas miracle. The
Elders in our ward are staying too. There's a 98 percent chance I'll
just stay in this area until the end. It's so crazy to think about.
Our district is getting destroyed, but it'll all be okay. We'll all be
together again soon enough.

This week started out good from the moment I sent out my last email. A
member took us bowling last preparation day and we bowled and bowled
with she and the Elders until the cows came home. It was the best. I
have developed an extreme love for the game of bowling as a
missionary. Be prepared family. We're going to be bowlers. :)

Last Monday, President called us during our bowling sesh and asked us
to drive out to an area and pick up a sister that was going home for
medical purposes. We had this poor sister for the evening before she
went home and we asked her a lot of questions in the short time we had
her. She's only been out about 7 months and when we asked her if she
was excited to see her family the next day, she firmly said, "no." I
was surprised by the immediate response and asked why. She said she
"didn't want to go home like this" I'm sure she meant because she was
sick and she was forced to leave early but I took it in a matter of
progression for missionaries all together. That in her mind, she
hadn't yet become what she knew she needed to before she left her
mission. Yes, this sister will come back and finish out her mission in
a few short months, and continue to progress and become but I
reflected on the changes I've made as a missionary and the spiritual
progression I've made throughout my life.
I read in Doctrine and Covenants 52 this week and in verse 2 it says,
"Saying: I, The Lord, will make known unto you what I will that ye
shall do from this time until the next conference..."
The Lord puts a time limit in this specific verse for these saints but
as I thought about this, i thought, what does The Lord want me to
accomplish and become before July? Until I finish school? Get married?
Until I have kids? Until I die? Until I return to live with Him again?
In verse 4 it says, "inasmuch as they are faithful unto me, it shall
be made known unto them what they shall do."
Faith brings the answer of what The Lord expects of us. As we increase
in our faith, which comes through consistent prayer, scripture study,
partaking of the sacrament, fasting, keeping the commandments, etc,
our will is aligned with His. Also through patriarchal blessings we
have our own personal liahona to guide us and direct us. To give us a
roadmap of the things we covenanted with God to do before we came to
this earth. We come to know and understand what He would have us do
and become "until the next conference." It shows us the value The Lord
places on setting goals. Today, tomorrow, and forever principle.
I've changed a lot in my time as a missionary. I think into a person
y'all might not recognize. And as scared as I was before my mission
that I was going to change drastically, I'm completely okay with the
fact that it happened and that I'm a completely different person. I
don't want to be the person I was before my mission.
Buckle up fam. Hah just kidding. I've learned that change is a good
thing. It means there's growth. So don't be alarmed when a completely
different human enters into your life. I still love cafe rio. I still
love my family. I just love, appreciate, and understand the gospel 30x
more than I ever did.
Well y'all are the best people I know. Thank you for being covenant
keepers that I can look to for a good example.
Sister Jameson goes home on Wednesday. Connect with her somehow. She's
the best. Have her over for dinner or something and she can tell you
all about NC and our crazy fun six months together.

Love you all. Have an incredible week. You're in my prayers always.
Love, Sister Webber

Pray for Reedy Creek. Lots and lots of prayers for the Reedy Creek Ward.
Thank you:) love you:)

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