Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hola Mi Hermanos

Felize cinco de Mayo!

First, I just want to give a shoutout to Brenna Miller for literally
being the only person that still writes me. She's the most faithful 7
year old I've ever met. Thank you Brenna, I love you:)

I'm excited to see y'all this week. I can't believe it's already this
time of year again. I feel like I was just counting the days to
Mothers Day 2013 and here we've come full circle once again. Time
flies when the summer heat kicks in.

This week we attacked the ward list and starting calling everyone we
didn't know (unknown less active people) and setting up appointments
with anyone we got ahold of. It was a dream week of appointments,
which led to other appointments and we were getting in with people
that haven't been to church since the 80s and having short, spiritual,
uplifting lessons with them, inviting them to act, and leaving on a
spiritual high. It was wonderful. And inspired by the spirit.

Miracle. Along with the members of our ward, We've been praying for
big active families to move in to build up the ward. This week we
found a less active lady who recently moved into the ward boundaries.
She has a desire to come back to church and bring her family. Her
husband is not yet a member and neither are her SEVEN children. Her
family alone would double the youth program in this ward. It was a
miracle. We're really excited about them.

This week I thought about how I'm still waiting for the day when
President Craven calls and asks me to be an Hermana. Each week that
goes by and the closer July gets, the more my faith in that dream
begins to dwindle. But I'm getting as close as I possibly can. We had
an appointment with a less active family from Mexico this week and
they invited us for dinner yesterday. Those kids were teaching me the
entire Spanish dictionary. I was going loco. I was so happy. It's my
calling in life to speak Spanish. I just know it. Haha :)

So Leah? Golden. She's on fire. Thank you for your prayers. She's
preparing for baptism on the 24th. She's really doing great. It's the
best teaching people that want to be taught, that want to be baptized,
and that want to progress. She posted on Facebook about setting a date
for baptism and when we saw it I wanted to cry I was so happy. We've
been working so hard for so long and finally, good things are

Last night, Elder Parker from Atlanta who is the area president came
and did a mission home fireside for investigators, returning members
and recent converts. It was THE BEST thing ever. The brethren in Salt
Lake refer to him as the preacher of the south and how perfectly he
fits that title would just amaze you. We took Richard and a few other
members who have been LA and a RC came too but we were sitting with
Richard (mind you he's of the Bahai faith) and the whole time he was
getting a kick out of Tony Parker. He loved it. And he left all fired
up and excited about the gospel.

Through work Richard knew Mark Benson (President Benson's son) years
and years ago and always asks us to "ask around" to see if anyone else
knows him so he can get back in touch with him. Anyway, right before
the meeting started, Richard got up from the pew where we were sitting
and shuffles (he's 84) up to the stand where Elder Parker, President
and Sister Craven, and President Baker, our stake President all were.
I just sat with wide eyes wondering what the heck he was doing. All
the missionaries around us were watching me and Sister Tanner
wondering what our investigator was doing up there. But the four of
them all stood in a circle together on the stand talking for a few
minutes and then Richard came back and sat down and in his over
zealous 84 year old booming voice said, "they know Mark!! He's still
alive! They're going to have him call me!" It was really funny. He was
like a giddy school boy all evening.
P.s. Mom, you'd be so proud of me here using all my musical abilities.
I participate in musical numbers all the time. Including the one at
yesterday's fireside. All these years of piano and choir tour are
payin off. :) haha

I appreciate all you do for me. I love you all and pray for you many
times a day. Your prayers are felt on this end. Thank you so much. I
love you to the moon and back!
Onward Christian soldiers.

Sister Webber

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