Saturday, July 19, 2014

3rd Down 9 Yards To Go

It has been a faaaantastic week.
Dorothy's baptism was wonderful. She was so nervous. When we pulled into the Durfee's place and she saw the pond she said, "Ohhh me, I'm going to drown." We all were cracking up. It was all so beautiful. We had the entire service outside complete with this tiny little piano that I played hymns on.
Two of her brothers, her mom, and 94 year old aunt came. It was an answer to prayers. We, along with so many of the branch members were praying that her family would come and support her. It was so great to have them there. The Durfee's had a little luncheon all ready for after the baptism for the branch members and her family that came. it was all so perfect.
Also, I reached my big 18 month mark this week, and after district meeting on Wednesday to celebrate, we all went to lunch. It was so fun. I'm going to miss being surrounded by missionaries all the time. They are my best best friends. I love them all so much.
We are teaching some really great people right now! There's a young man who is quite similar to my favorite Dall-yon that just committed to baptism in August. He moved down here from Kentucky a few weeks ago and was meeting with missionaries there and came to church all on his own! He's hilarious. We had dinner with him on Saturday night and I was just dyyyying. I morphed into Madi/Dallin mode and was just laughing my head off the whole time. It made me SO happy.
Miracle story of the week: Sister Simmons lost her ipad the other day and when we came in that night we were searching everywhere in our apartment for it and decided that it was at the church so we went outside to go over there. When we were crossing the street, a girl stuck her head out of the car and said, Are y'all missionaries?? Yes, we are. Who are you.
She went on to tell us how she 'used to be a member', recently moved to stuart, and that six years ago when she was 13 her parents died and she stopped going to church. she said she had seen the church house in stuart but had been too afraid to go on her own because she didn't know anyone.
Sister Simmons never loses her ipad, and it wasn't even at the church. but it happened because God knew where Hannah would be at 9:15pm and that she needed the church back in her life.
It was a miracle! This work is miraculous! I know God is our Heavenly Father!! He loves us! I love all of you too! I'm looking forward to seeing you:) but not until I'm finished here! There's work to be done!
Love you all so much!
Sister Webber


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