Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Holy macaroni! What a week! I don't even know where to begin! First of all, my dear Brenna Miller: Get better cutie! I'm praying for you and I love you! I hope you are feeling alright! Keep being the tough girl that you are!
This week was probably one of the hardest yet most rewarding weeks I've had on my mission. We had a rough start last week and had a few hard days but after some serious prayer, soul searching, and priesthood blessings, my companion and I hit the ground running.
We contacted a referral we had received from two different ward members who said that this lady needed to be baptized 50 years ago. Turns out they weren't kidding. We went and saw her earlier this week in the care center that she's living at and the minute she saw us walk up, her eyes got wide and she said, I know who you two are! You're lady Mormon missionaries! She went on and on about how much she loved the church and that she had a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith. She told us that the missionaries first came to her house in the 50s and that her entire family of 8 siblings and both of her parents were baptized and that she was the only one who hadn't been baptized because she couldn't give up her smokes. Over the years she has gone from smoking two to three packs a day down to three cigarettes each day and explained to us that she wanted to stop so she could be baptized because she knew that is what she needed to do. We had a lesson with her about how if she prayed for strength and did everything she was able to do, the Lord would help her overcome her smoking addiction. She commited to be baptized at the beginning of May and she came to church yesterday. Everyone in the ward was so excited to see her there.
A few weeks ago we gave a Book of Mormon to a friend of one of our investigators. We call him Cherokee Joe. He's the gnarliest looking guy I've ever seen and every time we've seen him, he's been wearing the same clothes and the same taz devil bandana and without fail has a beer in one had and a ciggy in the other. We ran into him again on Friday and I asked how his Book of Mormon reading was coming and he surprised me by saying he had read all of Moroni. We had lesson with him yesterday and he said he is amazed that the history of the Book of Mormon "just makes sense" to him. We told him it was a history of his ancestors and he got a kick out of that.
We had exchanges this week! For sisters! Crazy huh? It's kind of unheard of for sister missionaries but President wanted us to have one. A sister came to Cherokee with me that has been out for 15 months. She's a powerhouse and really set an example for me of things that I need to work on. It was the best 24 hours. We had 4 really good appointments together and were able to share some really good things with one another and get advice on different things for our areas and our companionships.
We got transfer calls on Saturday and I'll be in Cherokee for at least another transfer. So you can continue to find me in the hills of Bryson City for a while.

Janae babay: Thanks for those vids of Sunday night dinner:) can't wait for those crazy nights with the Nonster again:)
Here's a funny story, family. My companion and I are helping with a temple prep class and all the people are in it are kin to each other so we just have it at their house because two are daughters in-law, two daughters, and one son who are all preparing to go to the temple. Anyway so last night we were having a lesson and it was about symbols and Brother C. (the dad) held up a picture of an American flag and asked what it symbolized and people called out; freedom, liberty, yada yada. and then I called out, Rosa Parks! (Meaning to say Betsy Ross) And then I started laughing and laughed so hard that I couldn't get the words out to correct myself and everyone was laughing and like..."okay Sister Webber".. and then Bro C. said, "what are some holidays?" and one of the daughters yelled, Christmas! And they all looked at her and Sis C. said, NO. 4th of July! What is wrong with you people? Rosa Parks and Christmas with the American flag? All this time, I'm laughing so hard I can't breath and it was like a classic family night with the Webber family. It made me miss our giggly times together:)
Well family, I sure love you. I pray for you each so very much. I hope all is well in each of your lives. Trust in the Lord. He's there to guide you in every decision you make. I know he hears and answers prayers and that He blesses us if we are obedient. Study the Book of Mormon. I can't tell you enough the strength and guidance I receive from studying that book.
Have a good week! and good luck to all my Colony and BYU loves with finals this week!
Sister Webber

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