Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hi y'all:)

What a wonderful weekend! I could talk about General Conference for a week. You would have thought Santa was coming for a visit around here with how excited I was all week for conference. It was all so wonderful. During Sister Dalton's talk I had the thought that it would be her last. She did such a wonderful job. I am so grateful for her example and for the love she's shown to our family. She is truly one of a kind. I wanted to fist bump every speaker after their talk. They were all SO great. It was the most uplifting, motivating, and inspiring eight hours. I wish conference was every weekend. All during Elder Andersen's talk I wanted to scream, YAY for missionary work! I loved Elder Holland's, Bednar's, President Uchtdorf, everyone. They were all so wonderful. Such good counsel from men and women who are truly called of God.
We got a wonderful call out (mass voicemail) this last week from President Craven. The message went on about how our mission has been stuck in a rut for years and hasn't been able to hit over 35 baptisms in a month. 30-35 has been the average for years and he called us to tell us that in the month of March the North Carolina Charlotte Mission had 58 baptisms. Fifty-eight. We had Zone Meeting on Friday and our Zone Leaders went on about how our zone is leading out the mission. It's such a privilege to be part of it all. There so many people prepared to hear the gospel, we just have to be worthy of them. The Lord isn't going to place those people in our path if we aren't doing all we're supposed to be doing.
 We're working with a few great people right now. We're doing all we can to meet their needs. There is a big push in our mission right now about teaching people, not lessons. They say when someone has a baptismal date set up and doesn't get baptized on that day, it's because we as missionaries did not meet and address their needs. Woah. But I know it's true. So we're working our hardest with each of them to know what they need and know what gospel principles and fundamentals we need to focus on to strengthen their faith in Christ.
I know that when we rely on the Lord he'll bless us and help us with anything we are in need of. As Elder Holland said, I know that as we "come and cast our burdens" that God will send help from both sides of the veil. How true that is. Every word Elder Holland spoke yesterday pierced my heart. Hope on. Journey on. Be not afriad-believe. All things are possible for those that believe. As we trust in the Lord and rely on Him through our hardest times, He will be there to guide us and uplift us no matter the affliction we're suffering. This is Christ's church. He is the head of it and we are lead by prophets and apostles who are men of God. I'm so thankful fo rthe opportunity to serve! 65,600 strong with 26,000 more on the way. A literal army is preaching the gospel to every nation. What an exciting time to be a member of the church!
I love y'all. Thank you for the love and support and prayers you send my way. I'm praying for each of you.
Love always,
Sister Webber

P.S. Mom and Kate- We were teaching a lesson the other day in Dunkin Donuts and in the middle of me sharing Joseph Smith's account of the First Vision, Roll to Me came blasting on the radio and made me think of the two of you:) It was funny. Definitely not having a lesson there again..a few too many distractions. ha.

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