Tuesday, April 30, 2013

hurrah for Israel!

What a week it has been in Cherokee!
First of all, shoutout to my Cherokee ward members that confessed they read my blog. Guess I better be careful about what I say about all them. ha, just kidding:)
We had the blessings pour down from heaven this week. The last few weeks I kept remembering a quote from someone who came to speak to us while I was in the MTC and he said, "When all you need is a miracle, you're almost there." That thought was in my mind for weeks thinking about how I just needed to be diligent and do everything in my power and eventually something would happen and those miracles hit. The kids we've been working with since we got here are getting baptized in May. In Alma 5 when Alma's talking about "fasting and praying many days" rang true for us on this little miracle. We were so excited and we have met with them almost everyday and they are headed for the waters of baptism.
Yesterday after Sunday School one of our ward mission leaders came and found us and had a young man by the arm that we had met briefly a few weeks before when we were visiting his grandma who is a less active member in our ward. Brother Jenks said, "Sisters, this is "D". He isn't a member of the church. But he wants to be. And he wants y'all to teach him so he can get baptized." Tears filled my little eyes. It was such a testament to me that there are so many people who are prepared to accept the gospel and they are searching for the truth.
Oh. Also we met with this lady who was a referral from another investigator this week. We've been trying so hard to meet with her the last few weeks and haven't had success and we finally got an appointment scheduled that worked out. After we had a lesson together she paused for a minute and then thanked us for not giving up on her. She said, "If this is what the Lord wants me to do in my life, then that's what I'm going to do. I figure it must be important if you two young girls are here so far from home to tell me about it." Elect alert! We're so excited about her. She loooves the baptist church but like I said before, I never knew a good baptist who didn't make a real good member of the church:)
We spoke in church this week and loved doing it about as much as I usually do:) One day that'll become something I enjoy doing. We invited just about everyone and their dog that we're teaching to come and hear us speak. It was a good time to see faces in church that had never been there before.
We're working our little tails off in Cherokee and I'm doing my best not to get discouraged over things I have no control over. I know that as we are obedient and do as the Lord asks of us, the blessings from heaven will pour down upon us. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a part of this sacred work. It truly is a blessing to be here. I'm learning and growing so much everyday and I already feel like I'm a completely different person.
I love y'all more than you know. Thank you for all the love and support you send my way.
Love always,
Sister Webber

You Know you are in the south when.....

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