Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If ye love me, fill my mailbox.

What a week!
First, shoutout to my Katie dear. I sent that dern birthday card the second week of March. They need to do something about getting that mail to y'all faster. That is not okay. But I'm glad you got it and appreciated my humor. I've still got it baby;)
We were blessed with the opportunity to teach a lot of different people this week and see the Spirit work in their hearts and minds. We're trying to be all about teach when you find, find when you teach because the Lord places people in your path when you are prepared to open your mouth. For example, last Monday we went to the laundromat and usually we just sit and wait for our laundry but I said, let's go window shopping or something so we were walking around downtown Bryson City and went into a shop and the owner came out and was asking where we were from and what brought us to the area and we explained to him that we were missionaries and when he read our tags he immediately lit up. This man was dying to talk about God and Jesus Christ. He went on for a half hour about what he believed and how he doesn't go to church because no one believes what he does and when he finished talking I said, It sounds like we believe all the same things! He was so happy. It was like he had reunited with his best friends. It truly was a testimony to me of how the Lord has people prepared and if we are obedient and are ready and willing to open our mouths and proclaim the gospel, we will come in contact with the elect.
There was a lady we went and taught and at the end of our lesson we invited her to pray so she could know what we had shared was true and she looked at me and said, "Oh I know this is all true!" I was a little surprised by the response and we invited her to be baptized and she sat there and bore her testimony to us about how much she loved the church and all the people in it and how she knew it was all true and then said, "but I'm a Methodist." Those Methodist I tell ya, they'll be the death of me:) But we're still teaching her so I'll let you know how that goes.
I don't know if you remember the three kids that were hoping to get baptized...but the two boys we haven't seen at church for about a month were there yesterday. We went and saw them on Saturday and asked where they had been and we told them we missed them and boom..sunday morning they walked in and I couldn't have been happier. They're 12 and 10 and I have become best buddies with them. If you could add them to your prayer list I would sure appreciate that. They want to be baptized so bad. We're just still waiting on mama for that one still.
Funny story for the week: I think Kate might be the only one to appreciate this but this week we had an appointment with Cherokee Joe again and he tripped and fell outside and then got on a tangent of all the injuries he's had and was telling us about how one time he had just woken up and stood up to stretch and interlocked his fingers and put his arms up in the air and then had a mighty sneeze and broke TWO ribs. I was laughing so hard and I could not stop. Just the visual of it was making me die. I wish Kate could be there while this gnarly guy tells stories.
The work is hastening here in Cherokee nation. We're having success and doing all we can to be exactly obedient so we can have miracles happen in our area. The people here are wonderful. Southern hospitality at its finest. Mom, I'm glad you got to talk with Sister Cutler:) She's is our mom in this area haha and she's the best.
Could someone please let Harrison Noble Webber know that I would like to hear from him before I get home from my mission? Thank you:)
I love y'all. I'm praying for you. If your eyes are reading this, write me a letter:)
Love always,
Sister Webber

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