Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Queen city

How about that broadcast? Our stake center had some technical difficulties so we missed the first ten minutes...I'm still wondering if we missed something crazy big but I think I would have heard by now..
But. Secret is out. We're allowed to tell you what we know now:) Our mission gets to be one of 5 test missions (the other four are in Salt Lake) that is starting out on Facebook, iPads, and iPhones which is absolutely insane to me. Benefits of having Elder Evans come to your mission, right? I'm scared of it but I know that it'll be good. The brethren believe in us so I think I probably should too. I thought I got out of fb for 18 months. Psych. here it comes.  
Life's a challenge in the queen city. We've got lots of people who are real content with their lives and not always as nice as the Appalachian folk. But I'm getting real good at being persistent and bold. It's been a trying few weeks and my heart wants to give up some days but I know that I am on the Lord's errand and I'll be blessed if I am diligent.
We went on some more exchanges this week which are always a treat. It's fun to learn from other Sisters and watch them rock what works really well in their area and then take it back and try it in our own. We've been really busy the last little while with exchanges twice a week and running to the mission office three times a week and going to meetings, we hardly have much time in our own area. This week we have back to back exchanges that are both pretty far from where we're at so we'll be gone for three days straight which hurts my heart to think that our area will be at a stand still for those days. But I know the Lord will bless us and help the work along while we aren't here.
Sister Jameson and I got the opportunity to help out with the Training Meeting for new missionaries this last week. It was so good to see some of my Asheville missionaries one last time before they move on to Knoxville. I'm going to miss having them around. 
Well I love y'all so very much. Also, I'm losing my southern twang not being in the mountains anymore. I'll just have to fake it when I'm home or something. But I'm picking up on stuff the city folk do:)
I hope y'all have a good week and everyone have loads of fun at Aaron and Carlie's wedding. Congratulations my best friends!! Wish I could be there:) Also, Happy Anniversary on Wednesday, mom and dad!
LOVE YOU. Pray for the Charlotte people. They need the gospel and they need to love the missionaries first. :)
Sister Webber
OH. Some people are coming to visit y'all this week from my ward and they are the best. I gave them both of your phone numbers and our house address. I'm sending some things with them but you can't open them or unwrap any of the things they give you. I want to give you it myself but I just don't have room for anything. SO whatever they give you, just hide it for the next 12 months. No touchy:)

Their daughter just left on a mission to long beach. they have such a tender heart for sister missionaries and they have been so so good to us since we've been here. they're great people.

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