Monday, July 1, 2013

A week of good

I'm glad you got to visit with the Lindsey's! We talked to him on the phone last night and he brought up ermergersh...soooo whoever told them about're toast. :) I'm glad Youth Conference was a hit dad! You're the best. Happy Birthday to Nonester this week. Tell her I'm so proud that she's turning 40! Love you Non. You're the best:) I hope you have the best 7/7/13 yet. Also, congrats again to the love birds. the pictures are beautiful. I'm glad it was a great day!
This week was one for the books. Seriously. Here we go.
We're working a lot with part member families in the ward and have met some of the greatest people. We met twice this week with a wife of a recent convert who has been through about 10 sets of missionaries. It's like a badge of honor for some people with how many missionaries they can make it through without getting baptized. It's like a game. But she's never met with Sisters so we're thinking we'll be the last set:) She is moving in September but every time we leave her house she says, who knows what could happen before September! She knows it's going to happen. She came to church yesterday and we did a victory dance.
We had an exchange assignment for three days this week which was hectic and heartbreaking being out of our own area for that long but it was good. We went up to the Greensboro area and went on exchange with two different companionships. It was around a 2 hour drive to get there and we had to take our bikes so it was quite a trip.
Side note story: Sister Jameson and I were just driving along on the freeway, minding our own business and bam. her bike falls off of the bike rack. ON the freeway. It was out of a bad movie. Long story short-we retrieved the broken bike and made it safely to our exchange and eventually home by Friday. It was a nightmare. I took a video on the side of the freeway to capture all the raw emotions going on. It's too long to send but I'll have to show y'all when I get home. It's pretty funny.
We share an area with the Zone Leaders and on Friday, after we returned from our hectic three day exchange, the Elders gave us each a blessing. The power of the Priesthood is real. I am so grateful for worthy Priesthood holders and to work so closely with such good missionaries. We've got a good group in the Pineville 1st. Makes me sad that we won't all be together much longer.
On Saturday we went to see a part member family and we were standing at their door waiting for like 3 minutes because we knew people were inside. A man named Edward who doesn't live there came to the door and said that they had just been talking about Jesus and then heard a knock on the door. He came outside and we talked for a while and he expressed how he wanted to become a Christian but he didn't know how and he wanted to become close to God. He kept saying, "I can't believe y'all knocked on the door right when we were talking about this, I don't even live here!" We just kept telling him how God knows him and loves him and knows exactly what he needs and he just cried and cried. Our Heavenly Father knows where the elect are and knows where we are needed. It was perfect.
Later that night we were going to contact a referral and when we were walking up to the house the neighbors who were outside yelled at us to tell us she wasn't home. So we went over and talked to the neighbors, and immediately they asked if we were Witnesses. (If I got a dollar for every person who asks us if we are JWs, I'd have enough to buy everyone some CafĂ© Rio). We cleared up the confusion and explained who we were and why we were there. One of them said, "So you're Jesus' people?" We invited them to come to church and taught them the blessings of coming to church and learning about the gospel. I don't know why a little white girl from Utah feels at home with a bunch of big black guys but the whole time we were with them I was thinking, 'these are my people.' They're the best and they invited us to come back.
We have a bunch of summer sales kids in our ward right now and we had dinner on Saturday with a lot of them. They are the best and they are all returned missionaries. We talked about best practices and learned so much from them.
On our Saturday Mission Leadership conference call we said goodbye to the Asheville Zone leaders, I cried. Today's the official day that they're all gone. Breaks my little heart.
Good things are happening in Charlotte. We're working our hardest and enjoying ourselves:) Being a missionary is the best. The humidity, the bugs, and life is the best. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
I hope y'all have a great week! I love you!
Sister Webber
P.S. I killed my first squirrel yesterday on the way to church. I made it three months in the mountains without killing a possum, groundhog, or any other animal and it somehow happened in the city. I screamed all the way to church. It was the worst.
Also, while on exchange, we ran into a few Jehovah Witnesses and one of them asked one of the Sisters which kingdom she was from and the Sister was like..."Uhhh...Celestial?" I died.  

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