Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's me, Sister Webber

This week flew by. We had Zone Conference on Friday and it was the best. President and Sister Craven spiritually fed us for the day and we learned some real good life skills to take on with us in life after our missions. I plan to make a book after my mission of all the Cravenisms we pick up. There are lots of good one liners.  
Also, we had just one exchange this week. I went with one of the sisters who has an ipad. She said the rest of the mission will have them by November. That's all the update I have on that topic.
We had the best thing happen a few days ago. But it's a long story. I'll try to be brief.
About a month ago we bumped into a guy and a cute little girl in the parking lot of our complex who asked if we were Witnesses and told us he'd be happy to talk about God sometime but just kept going. We didn't get an address or any information for him and kinda just went on with life. The other night we got home from an appointment and our next appointment had just cancelled and we still had 20 minutes before we had to be in but we were already back in our apartment complex. We took a loop around the parking lot to catch people who were already outside but didn't have any success. At like ten to nine I remembered about this guy we had met and remembered the general direction he was headed to his apartment about a month earlier. We were on the second level and a lady was outside taking a smoke break and we introduced ourselves and asked her if she knew her neighbors. She said a name of her next door neighbor that I knew wasn't right. and the name immediately came to my mind and I asked if she knew where Steve lived and she pointed towards her apartment door and went inside to get him. They opened the door and the little girl we had seen with him forever ago gasped and ran out straight towards me and gave me a hug. He looked at us and said, "Of course it's you! Come in."
Basically this man had the most insane 36 hours leading up to us being at his door. He said five minutes before he came he was about to google search "good churches in charlotte" so he could take his granddaughter to church the next morning and asked us, "so where do I have to go to hang out with y'all at church." We gave him the information for church and taught about the importance of church and why we go and left his apartment. Yesterday, he and his granddaughter walked in at 10:55 for Sacrament Meeting. I entertained the 4 year old so he could have complete focus on what was going on. I was trying to read him all during Sacrament Meeting but was having a difficult time knowing what was going on in his mind, I just knew whatever it was, it was a little intense. In all the hustle and bustle between Sacrament Meeting and Sunday School he snuck out but sent a text to us during sunday school that said what incredibly powerful experience it was. He said he was spiritually and emotionally exhausted and that he needed time to pray and contemplate all that went on during the hour he was at church. We set up an appointment to see him later that night and went over with some members of the ward. He talked for 45 minutes about his experience at church. He had been going on about how he didn't know why it all was happening and that he didn't know what God was trying to tell him. (Also, he's Jewish. I forgot about that:)) It was quickly reaching our time to be home and I was getting a little frustrated that we hadn't been able to get a word in while we had been there. So I stepped up to the plate and kind of cut him off. I told him that God had sent us to him for a reason and that it was for guidance and direction that he is seeking in his life and that we were there to teach him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He went on for another 5 minutes about how transparent I am and that I had something that he wanted.
Inside I was thinking, LISTEN TO ME THEN. But I just smiled and said, well we'll keep coming back because I can promise you this will change your life and when you come to understand and know it for yourself, you'll want to make covenants with your Father in Heaven.
There were some intense emotions running through me, mostly because I had wanted to go in and teach him but we didn't get a word in. But we left on that note with a prayer. 
This is the Lord's work and it is great. I love being a missionary. My life is changing more everyday and I am learning things I feel I couldn't have learned anywhere else.  This is the hardest yet most rewarding thing I've ever done in my life. I love this gospel. I know it changes hearts and lives.
Y'all are in my prayers:) I love you!
Sister Webber

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