Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Come Unto Jesus

Mom, Dad, J, Kate, Quincy poo, Bud:
I am grateful for everyone of you. Thank you for all you do for me! 

The leaves are changing here and it is an incredible sight. I am in awe everywhere we drive because it is so beautiful. In the morning time there is a painful crisp chill in the air that scares me for the winter time here. But we'll all survive because when we're on the Lord's errand, we're entitled to the Lord's help and He will help me through the cold winter. (President Monson said that one. I take no credit) But I shouldn't complain because I'm seeing pictures of snow in Utah and it hasn't even thought about snowing here. So that's good. :)
At the beginning of my mission when I was having some big time struggles, I would constantly reassure myself that the struggles and difficulties would only last for the first little bit. It comforted me at the time and helped me to move forward. I wouldn't have ever imagined that ten months out, I would still have days that were so difficult and draining as the first of my mission. Yesterday I hit a wall. Head on. Out of no where. Homesickness, doubt, difficulty, discouragement, and exhaustion hit all in one day and I felt like I couldn't do it anymore. I sat in a meeting and cried because of how much I missed each one of you and how long it had been since I got to hug you. The last three weeks my studies have been focused on faith. I've been fascinated with the topic and pulled apart every aspect of having Faith in Jesus Christ. Through all these studies, my Father in Heaven was preparing me for the feelings that overcame me during the awful day. Amidst the difficulties, through constant prayer, I was able to remember all the things I've learned. I remembered the quote I had put on Facebook just a few days ago and realized that in times of difficulty and trial, it is our duty to turn to the Atonement and utilize it in our lives and "come unto Jesus" 
Woooo. But don't worry about me! I'm tough and I'm still alive and made it through. Thanks to your thoughts and prayers. I appreciate them more than you know. I couldn't do this without the six of you.
Things are going well in Pineville! Our investigators are being member missionaries without even being members yet. In addition to the six investigators we had at church yesterday, there were 4 others who just came with some of them. Laketah's kids are the most popular kids in their apartment complex so their friends come to church with them. Our row was hoppin yesterday. It was so great. Laketah's family is getting baptized on Saturday! We were over at their apartment on Halloween night so the Elders could give her a blessing because she got sick. We stayed after they left and had a lesson with her and after we were done, her kids came in from trick or treating. Terryonna was talking about dancing and before we knew it, Terry, Montario, and Q were all putting on a show for us. It was so funny. They whipped out the cat daddy, the dougie, stanky leg, and the gas pedal. These little kiddos know how to dance. it was hilarious. I tried to record it but they all started yellin at me when I did.  So i've got a nice video of that:)
I love y'all more than you know! This gospel is true! The worth of our souls is great. Your Father in Heaven is aware of you and loves you so much. I read a good talk this morning from President Eyring and he said this, "the more faithful service you give, the more the Lord asks of you" He was speaking to Priesthood holders but I think it applies to everyone. He's going to give us what we are capable of handling with the Lord's help. When Elder Zwick was here a few weeks ago he said, "Never limit yourself by what you think is your capacity. Allow the Lord to expand your capacity and He will." We all have great potential and we can reach it through applying the Doctrine of Christ in our lives. 
I love you! Hope you have a wonderful week!
Sister Carolina Webber

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