Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Our companionship has come to a close. Six good months came and went just like that. My time in Pineville has been so good. I love this ward and I love this area and I will return quickly. I'm going to miss Sister Jameson like a fat kid misses Christmas candy in July. It's going to be an ugly separation.
It was a great week. Full of exchanges, meetings, trainings, and baptisms. 
We saw the Caldwells everyday this week in preparation for their baptisms. It was the best. They are the best people you'll ever meet. Saturday night we had their baptism. We had gotten them all church clothes that they could wear and they all rolled in looking so good. They got changed and we took a million pictures and they all turned out really bad so I'm sorry:) 
The Elders had an investigator getting baptized that night too. It was such a good baptism all together. Brother Murdock from the ward baptized and confirmed all of the Caldwells. He and his wife are THE BEST. they moved in like a month ago and have just been our best friends since.
The kids were giggly and excited and were on cloud nine all night. Laketa was all smiles and it was so fun to just sit back and watch her all evening. My heart hurt all evening knowing that my time was quickly coming to an end with all of these wonderful people. They are all the best. 
Sunday my heart was breaking a little more every time another person found out i was leaving. It was killer. This is such a good ward and I'll miss them. Sunday after church we had lunch with all 8 of our lovely Caldwells. A member of the ward, Ese had us over and it was such a great experience. 
I love being a missionary. All the blood, sweat, and tears are worth the pure joy that comes when God's children accept the gospel into their lives. 
I love this great work. and I love each of you. 
Sister Webber 

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