Monday, November 18, 2013

The Week

Wooooo baby. Hello family.
Tell Bud I said congratulations on his play! Everyone had wonderful things to say about it! I'm excited to watch it! I can't watch the video you sent me...but one day I'll get to listen to your angelic voice. Why have you been hiding it all these years? Also, Happy Birthday Gramma Rue!!! I hope you had a great day!!
As for me and my house, I'm in a place called Reedy Creek. Still in the city just a different stake than Pineville. It's like I just got kicked over the fence. It's really, really close. It's a land for dreamers. Ha, but really. It's a good place! Sister Jameson, my last compadre served here at the very beginning of her mission so I had already heard a million good things about it. It's a really great ward. Sister Lewis and Sister Nielson are my companions. Sis Lewis is from Riverton. She came out a transfer after me. Sister Nielson is from Texas. She's here waiting for her visa to Brazil. 
Last week Sister Jameson and I got to pick up the new missionaries. When we got to President and Sister Craven's house, we walked in and he said, how is our dynamic duo?? Have you forgiven me yet? In my mind I thought, um, no. haha but he just laughed and moved on with the conversation. My heart broke a little inside. Sister Jameson is like family now. We were together for 100 years. But it's okay! We still will get to see each other all the time. It was a frantic day because we were running all over town so I could say goodbye to a few people before the day was over. It was insane. I'll send you some pictures if I can. In all the chaos, iIreceived my first cross necklace from one of our investigators. Sis Jameson and I would always talk about them because cross things are literally everywhere in this region of the country and harrah, I was gifted one. Two points: Sister Webber.
We had a lot of good teaching opportunities this week. It was weird coming into an area that already had things hasn't happened yet in my time as a missionary so that's been nice. Miracle: yesterday a member brought a friend to church and I sat with her in Gospel Principles and Relief Society. She's a superstar. We met with her last night. she's so prepared and open to the gospel and she's preparing for baptism on the 7th of December. Pray for Theresa. Also, pray for Tom, Jodi, and Jean. Jean looks just like Noni and I hug her so tight.
This is about all my little brain can muster. Sorry for the lack of excitement.
I love y'all! I hope you have a wonderful week. Read the Book of Mormon daily. Such power and strength come from the doctrine in that book. I know that it's true!!
Love always,
Sister Webber

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