Monday, January 6, 2014

Carolina Cold

This week was a great week in Charlotte. We taught more people this
week than any other week since I moved to Reedy Creek. It was
wonderful. On New Year's Eve we were completely out of miles so we
were on our bikes all day. I've been converted. This is the best way.
We met and taught more people going to and from appointments than we
did with our actual appointments. It was a fun day. We were all over
the place. The soreness was worth it:)

Sunday during sacrament meeting, a grand announcement was made that
out of our ward and two neighboring wards, a new ward was being
created and that all the boundaries were going to change. There's been
a speculation outbreak since then. The missionaries, the ward members,
everyone. They've all been losing it since. I prayed and fasted real
hard yesterday to know what Reedy Creek needs. This was a definite
answer to prayers. I think it'll give this ward a good restart and
give members the extra boost they need. We'll know next Sunday what's

We had a two day Mission Leadership Council this last weekend. It was
incredible. I sometimes wish I could record our meetings and send them
all home to you. They are so great. After MLC Friday evening, we
were waiting around in the office for some sisters and I was sitting
there and things with me weren't right. All day I felt like I should
ask President Craven if I could talk with him, but every time the
thought came, I couldn't think of anything I really needed to talk to
him about. While I sat there in the office I thought of Elder
Andersen's last conference address and immediately the Spirit
whispered, "call upon the priesthood" A few minutes later, President
walked in the room and I asked if I could meet with him for a minute.
We went into his office and I asked him for a blessing. He smiled at
me and said, that requires a follow up question Sister Webber, what is
in your heart? My weary heart let out all it's been holding in which
led to very wise counsel and advice from President Craven. He gave me
a blessing, and it was a very neat experience. I know the power of the
priesthood is found in this church. And just like Elder Andersen
testified, "as you worthily participate in the ordinances of the
priesthood, the Lord will give you greater strength, peace, and
eternal perspective." How true that is. I'm so grateful for the

I'm so grateful to be apart of this family. Each of you are so
wonderful and I wouldn't be where I am today or who I am without your
influence and example in my life.
The gospel is true. God lives. Jesus is the Christ.
I love y'all. Have a great week!
Love, Sister Mad Webber

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