Tuesday, January 28, 2014

World's Greatest Familia

First things first, I'm grateful that our Katie girl is still safe and sound. Some of her old investigators or members or someone that added me on Facebook from Ukraine keeps updating things all about Ukraine but only in Ukrainian so I could see pictures but never any words to know what was actually happening. You can bet I've been praying extra hard for your safety this week. 
Also, I was struck with the plague this week, but I'm recovered now. It was awful and probably would have gone away much faster if I hadn't have been all over creation on my bike the last week. Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of Heaven, right? RIGHT!

Despite the hectic week we had of exchanges, illness, and car fasts, we accomplished SO much. It was incredible. It's been a week of miracles in Reedy Creek! This area is taking off and wonderful things are happening here. We have truly been blessed by our Father in Heaven with wonderful people to teach. WE had 3 investigators at church yesterday who are all preparing for baptism in the coming weeks and months. We were stuck in a dry spell the last few months but we've been praying hard to increase in our faith and expressing so much gratitude in every moment of the day, and we are being blessed tremendously.

Let me tell you how we met one of our investigators. We were meeting a recent convert, at Bojangles for a lesson and we sat down at a table with him and this guy was across the restaurant starting at us so i looked at him and said hi. He asked if we were having bible study. I said yes and he asked if he could join before we even had time to invite him. Our new convert pretty much taught him the entire lesson and our investigator agreed to read the Book of Mormon and to come to church. And just like that, the man was at church yesterday. It made me think of a part in preach my gospel in chapter nine when it says, "You are to find them that will receive you. Such people will recognize that you are the Lord's servants. They will be willing to act on your messageThat's him - so ready and willing to act on our message. We met with him after church yesterday and taught him more about the Restoration and the comments he was making were incredibly insightful. I was amazed. 

What is in my heart? Complete peace. I've reached a point in my mission where I have confidence in The Lord that I didn't have before I began this journey. I seize every opportunity I can to open my mouth and share the gospel with people everywhere, all the time. I can go to bed happy when I know I've done everything in my power to be successful that day. Yes, challenges still arise and there are days that are filled with homesickness and exhaustion. But they never last long because I have faith in my Savior and I know He is aware of me and happy with me if I'm giving it my all. 

I'm happy in Reedy Creek. I'm learning and growing here and seeking guidance from The Lord on the things that need to happen in this area. In the beginning I didn't think I'd have the ability to love an area or a time on my mission as much as I loved Pineville, but the Lord increases our capacity to love as we go throughout our lives. That's something I've learned without a doubt. 

I'm so grateful for the restored gospel!! I know that it is true! I know we have a prophet of God on the earth today. What a blessing it is. 
I love being a missionary. :) 
I love y'all so much! Have a great week. You're in my prayers always. 
Sister Mad Webber

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