Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's Me

Family, family, family

I have to say that y'all had a much more eventful week this week than
I did! I love all the happy pictures, bright and shining faces. You
all look so beautiful. I'm glad Kate made it back safe into your arms.
I was praying so hard all day because I wanted to feel
close to all of you. My heart was so happy to know you were all
together safe and sound Thursday night:)

We had a good week here. Last month when Sister Lewis had the stomach
flu I was thinking I was all high and mighty because I hadn't had it
on my mission. Spoke too soon. It was awful this week. I don't think
I've felt that awful in a long time. But I've fully recovered. On
Tuesday morning we were in the office for a conference call with the
mission leadership. We're close to the office so they asked us to come
in with the zone leaders in our area and the assistants and the
Cravens. After the conference call I asked Elder Zaugg and Elder
Ferrin (they're in Reedy Creek with us) for a blessing. It was really
powerful. Elder Zaugg hasn't heard a word of everything that has been
going on with Kate or anything from my personal life but he said some
very descriptive and inspired things in that blessing. It is clear
that Our Heavenly Father knows  and loves us very individually. It was
a really incredible experience.
And I was healed just like that;)

Tuesday evening we had interviews with President Craven. The one on
one interviews I've had throughout my mission have been highlights
over the last year that have helped me through so many different
things. This week was no different. We had a good long discussion
about repentance  and forgiveness. I am so grateful for the Atonement
and the gift we've been given so we can repent each and everyday. He
gave me some very wise counsel that has helped this week a lot.
We went on exchanges this week with another companionship of sisters
in our zone. I went to Kannapolis with my bff Sister Buckley from my
MTC district. We had so much fun and learned so much. I love her.

Well I love y'all. You've all been on my mind lots this week:) don't
worry, I'm not distracted or trunkie. You all addressed that in your
letters this week, but I'm doing okay:)
I know this gospel is true! I know Heavenly Father loves us
individually. When Elder Parker was here a few weeks ago he quoted
Elder Bednar and said, "we don't speak to congregations. We speak to
gathered ones." I love it. Our Heavenly Fathers sees us as one.
Minister to the ones. If we each reach for one, we'll all get there
Love you always,
Sister Webber

P.s. Someone tell Megan Anderson I said thank you and that I love and
miss her so so very much:) thanks.

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