Tuesday, March 4, 2014

North Carolina

What a week.
There were a few glitches in our Skype lesson this morning so were on
for next week

We had a meeting with President Soares one of the
presidents of The Seventy came with Elder Parker (area 70) and spoke
to the mission leadership. It was INCREDIBLE. honestly one
of the best meetings. He focused so much on faith and vision and how
we as leaders in the mission need to have the courage to set a higher
standard and rise up. It was incredible. I'll share my notes with you
in the future. He's the best.

Dad, your notes from President Donaldson are nearly word for word the
notes I took when he was here in December. Literally the exact thing.
Same scriptures, same principles, same ideas. They're all so good.
He's the best. I am in awe of his teaching abilities. He's an inspired
man. His training changed a lot of how I function as a missionary.

Everyone has been asking all week how our sweet Kate is doing. Every
time someone would get worked up about it, I was surprised at what
peace I had in my heart. I honestly knew in my heart that she was
alright and that everything was going to be okay. Heavenly Father
helped me through it. It also helped that I got four massive letters
this week from Kate. I walked into the office one day and one of the
senior elders said, that sister webber has a ton of mail in here. My
heart leaped for joy. Thank you Kate. You have been my saving grace on
more than one occasion.

 I truly realize how great it is to be a missionary and how lucky I am 
to be in His mission with President and Sister Craven. 
President Soares shared with us that as the members of the
Twelve assign mission calls, the veil is pulled back and they are able
to see the covenant we made with our Father in Heaven before this life
of where and when we promised to serve. He told us that each of us
knew and promised before this life that we would serve where we are
called to serve. My heart was so full of peace. I know I'm in the
right place, and that even though there are days that are so hard, I'm
here for The Lord. And I'm blessed to be here. There are things I had
to learn from President and Sister Craven, and that is why I am here.
This is something I've known all along, especially when I was called
back into the Charlotte mission, but was again re confirmed this week.

I love this great work. I love being a missionary. I'm so glad I've
had the chance to serve at he same time as my best friend. I never
could have done this if it weren't for the examples of Janae and Kate.
How lucky are all of us to be in the same family.
I love you all so very much. Forever and beyond.
Love, Sister Webber.

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