Wednesday, March 19, 2014

St Pat Patty's Day

Buckle up we've got a long one. You're welcome Dad. :)
Happy St Pat Pattys Day

So sad I missed corned beef and cabbage. My time for that will come
soon enough though:) I'm glad someone got to enjoy it while we were
having Mexican pasole. Ha not quite Irish:)
Sister Tanner and I survived transfers this week. We're good to go for
another transfer in Reedy together. To be honest, I'm slightly
surprised I'm still in leadership. I think I slid right under the
radar but I'm not really hiding since I'm in the heart of Charlotte.
Clearly there's something I need to learn that I haven't picked up
yet. The Lord is giving me another transfer to figure it out.

It's a common trend to do the thing Kate talked about the last while
of her mission, "138 days of the Doctrine and Covenants" I started
that recently, from the beginning..(can't do the countdown thing. I
think I'd have a heart attack everyday knowing how many days left)'s the best thing ever. I read the doctrine and covenants
at the beginning of my mission and thought it was the best thing then
but this time around I've gotten twice the insight and guidance in my
reading. Yesterday, Elder Perry spoke at a regional conference to the
southeast region and talked about how important the doctrine and
covenants is. He said "There is no book as important as the doctrine
and covenants. It stands in a position above them all. It contains the
word of God for these last days. It belongs to The Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints. We will value it more than wealth if we
understood what it contains." I testify that's true! It surprised me
how much he talked about it and the great emphasis put on it's
importance. I haven't ever put much focus on reading it, but it's the
best. My love and appreciation for all the things that were done in
the early days of the church has expanded. It's incredible.

Also, I know I sent the Christlike attribute study thing to dad...I
don't know if y'all got that or if you've had time to put much thought
into it but that has been such a great thing for me. We're going into
knowledge this week but here's just some good one liners I got from
each of the other weeks/attributes. I learned enough to share them:)

"When each of us has the Atonement written deep in our hearts, then we
will begin to become the kind of people The Lord wants us to be when
He comes again. He will recognize us as true disciples." -Sister Linda
K. Burton

"As you walk towards the hope of God's light, you will discover the
compassion, love, and goodness of a loving Heavenly Father in [whom
there] is no darkness at all..."
 -President Uchtdorf
"With faith in the merciful Redeemer and His power, potential despair
turns to hope"
-Elder Christofferson

Charity and Love
"Charity is not a single act but a state of the heart."
"Charity is a never ending search for someone else's happiness." -an
Elder from our mission

"Virtue begins in the heart and mind and is nurtured in the home."
-our bff Elaine
Also, to me virtue is not only having morally clean thoughts but all
around positive thinking. This, I feel like is so important for
missionaries to understand. Virtue equals positive thinking. Positive
thinking leads to confidence in all we do and say. We are not negative
thinkers. We won't get anywhere if we are.

The week in spark notes...things in our district are changing this
week due to transfers and we've all done our fair share of weeping and
wailing over it. We've had a good district this last transfer and
I'm real sad it's changing. I'll send y'all some pictures of us all.
We've had a good time. I've got some good stories to tell about our
experiences together some day. They're the best.
Our bff Tom let us come over and help him in his yard. Who
knew I could ever be so happy doing yard work. I MISS it. It was the
best. He didn't have a lawn mower so I literally weed wacked his
entire front yard. It was the best. My hand felt like it was vibrating
for a good 24 hours after. But it was worth it. We raked and blew
leaves all over. It was a good time. :) pictures included:)
Stake and regional conference happened this weekend. The Saturday
evening session was literally one of the best meetings I've attended
in my life. It was all focused on the hastening of the work and it was
the BEST. Elder Steed and Sister Tanner were both asked to speak and a
few other rock stars in the stake and then the stake presidency spoke
that evening too. It was THE BEST. I wish you could have been there.
Sunday was the regional one. I'll have to send you my notes. There
were a few members of the Seventy that spoke with Elder Perry as well
as Sister Stevens.
We had a third companion part of the week this week. Her name is
Sister Robertson. She's from Bluffdale and was recently transferred
into our mission from Albania. Remind me one day to tell you why she's
here. It's insane. Seriously.
OH! Remember Rosita? Did I ever tell y'all about her? Back in the fall
the little lady that chased me and sister Jameson down in the parking
lot... I hope I did. Anyway. She's been meeting with sisters since
that day. And last week she was baptized! It was such a miracle story.
I'll send you a picture and if I haven't told you that story, let me
know. I'll fill in the gaps. It's incredible.

Sorry that was a novel this week. I love you all. I love this gospel.
God lives. Jesus is the Christ. I have learned what a gift repentance
is in my time as a missionary. I couldn't be more grateful for the
opportunity I have to repent and have the burden of sin lifted
completely from me. It's a miracle.

Have a wonderful week.

Sister Webber

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