Monday, June 16, 2014


Congrats to my besties, Megs and Trev!!! I'm so happy for you two!
It was Miracle city in Charlotte this week. Seriously, incredible.

On Skype I told you the status of where B was at and that we had
planned to just take it slow, and eventually she'd be baptized down
the road. We hadn't been in contact with her for a few days and
couldn't get ahold of the members she's living with so Tuesday night
we had a prompting to stop by. It was a really hard night for her and
in those moments, her faith was weak and her hope for the future had
diminished. After a long discussion, in tears, she had made a 180. We
talked about how we were here to be her guides, to help her understand
and apply the gospel in her life to help her strengthen her faith,
repent, be baptized, and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost in her
life. We made an agreement that we would come everyday if she agreed
to do the things we invited her to do, especially picking up the Book
of Mormon that she said she was "scared of." She has so much potential
and Satan has had her in a choke hold to the point that she even knew
that if she were to read the Book of Mormon, something would change.

We've met everyday since then and she has made leaps and bounds.
Everyday we go, she can't wait to tell us what she learned about faith
and repentance from the Book of Mormon. She understands the Doctrine
of Christ better than anyone I've ever taught. It is incredible. She's
preparing for June 7th. (HBD, dad:)) she was so excited when we talked
about that date and was so excited about everything at church
yesterday. After every talk and lesson, she'd lean over and say, that
was perfect. I needed that, that was just for me. One of the members
of the ward is going to make her baptism dress! It's such an exciting

L is doing great too. She came to church yesterday! All week we
were praying really hard that she'd have the courage to find a new job
that wouldn't make her work in Sundays. She texted us on Thursday
night asking us to pray for her because she had an interview. When we
texted her on Friday, asking her if she would need a ride to church
she said, I GOT IT! Prayer is real. Her faith is growing because she's
recognizing that she's receiving answers.

During planning earlier in the week, we were trying to come up with a
backup to an appointment just in case it fell through and Sister
Tanner threw out a name  of a former investigator that lived in
that general direction. It had been a while since we talked with her
so we decided to put it down. The next day during lunch the phone
rang, I looked at it, it said  (this former investigator), I
looked at sister Tanner and just said, no way. it's her. I answered
it. This cute lady is from Liberia and has the best accent and just
said, Is this Webber?? Yes. I want to worship with you this Sunday,
but I need a ride. Can you help me? Uhhh. Yes. Yes we can help you
. She's the best and loved every minute of church, and everyone
just loved her.

One day this week we were visiting a returning member (who is real
old. 81 today actually) and during our lesson we were showing her a
video. during the video she kept looking around the room, uneasily. We
were on exchange so the sister didn't know the member very well but
kept watching her while Sister Thomas couldn't sit still during this
video. Sister Thomas looked at me and said, do you hear that?? I
paused the video and heard something rustling around and said, yes...
She said, it's a raccoon! Listen to him. And there was this squealing
going on from behind a wall. There was a raccoon lodged in her
CHIMNEY. and every time it moved, stuff would fall into the fireplace.
It was like a movie. My heart started beating fast and I stood up from
the couch and asked if she had a broom. She handed me one and we
decided we were going to get the wild animal out. I was standing in
the living room with a broom in my hand while this little frail Sister
Thomas held open the front door while it dumped buckets of rain
outside while the sister I was on exchange with stood in the corner
with her hands over her face. I was frantic and every scenario was
running through my mind. I could see this rabid animal falling into
the fireplace and every movie scene of raccoon attacks came running
through my mind and then I no longer wanted to fight off the potential
rabid critter. It was horrifying. Long story short, the raccoon is
still lodged up in there. Sister Thomas came and told us at church.
Any animal control will charge her over 180 big ones. And the city
won't take care of it unless it's literally inside your house. I was
on the phone with some lady from the city asking if they would take
care of it for free and she said, ma'am unless it's in your living
quarters, we can't send someone out. I was thinking, for real? I said,
so this animal needs to be running ramped through the house before
someone will come get it? Her response? Yes ma'am. We told the elders
about it yesterday, they're going to go take care of it:) haha.

We had a mission conference this week. It was the best. I got to see
so many of my buddies that I haven't seen in months. It was so fun.
Everyone was freakin out about how fast July is coming. Crazy talk.
But the conference was incredible and we were spiritually fed. It was
like an MLC but it gave the entire mission an opportunity to hear all
the things we hear, directly from President Craven.

I love being a missionary! I love witnessing these incredible miracles
every single day. I love seeing people change through the Gospel of
Jesus Christ. It is incredible.
Love you all. You're in my prayers

Sister Webber

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