Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Birthdays, ipads, and Meetings

Family! I hope y'all are staying above all the snow. It looks treacherous.
It's been a wonderful week. This year's birthday was one to remember. I don't know if there will be a time ever in my life again that I'll experience 75 degree weather as a birthday present. It was beautiful and so so warm. But don't worry, the cold has come and the tights and gloves came out to play the next day. It's like Utah here when it comes to the back and forth weather.
Thank you for all the birthday wishes and cards and packages! Special thanks to the cute Miller family. Y'all are the best. Thank you so much! I love you!
We had MLC on Friday which was great. I got to spend the day with all my favorite people being tutored and taught by President and Sister Craven. It was a big week of birthdays in the mission and in our zone especially so that was fun. At MLC during one of the breaks, President Craven was talking to one of the Assistants, Elder Murdock and came over to me and said, Sister Webber! Did you know it was Elder Murdock's birthday yesterday!? And I just laughed and said yes. and E. Murdock started laughing and said, President Craven, did you know it's Sister Webber's birthday today? President whipped around and made a face and said, today's your birthday!? Well we're going to have a special minute for birthdays. When everyone came back in he said, stand up if you had a birthday this week or if your birthday is today. Me, E. Murdock, E. Osborne, E. Fowles, and E. Wilson all stood up. It was quite a crown. Birthdays all around. Hurray for being 21 to all of us!
We had dinner with new members that night and she fed us tacos. It was like I was at home. A tender mercy indeed:)
We had two meetings for ipad training this week and we all got new, updated ipads. They're pretty swanky. The rest of the mission gets them this week, so we're doing a lot of travelling and training all week. Pray for Reedy Creek because we won't be here for four days. We have the faith that good things will happen in the little time we have to spend in our area.
We had a lot of success this week and met a lot of wonderful people. The other night we taught these twins in their late 20s named Lamaar and Jamaar. They let us right in and even turned off their football game to listen to us. We taught them the restoration and they both said they wanted to read the Book of Mormon and said they would pray about it. We invited them to church and explained the importance of attending church and how it would help them to receive an answer to their prayers. Earlier that day we had received training on emphasizing the importance of Sacrament meeting and inviting others to church. It helped me to really ponder on why Sacrament meeting is important to me. I pondered on the fact that when we partake of the sacrament, we not only renew our baptismal covenants but the covenants we make in the temple. It truly is such a sacred ordinance and our Father in Heaven has blessed us with the opportunity to take part in it each and every week. It's such a happy thing.
I love y'all. Hope you have a wonderful week. You're in my prayers, always.
Sister Webber
The Farrell's from our ward are some of the best people you'll ever meet and they made me a birthday cake. One of a kind. They're the best. I'll send more pictures:)

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