Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy Week

Family, family!
What a week of emails from all of you!
First, BABIES!!!! Babies all around!! I'm so excited for Bryce and Kasumi!!!! And Carls and Aaron!!! I'M SO EXCITED. Congratulations all you future parents. I'm so happy for you all. I can't wait to come home and squeeze all those little cheeks to death. SO HAPPY about all that.
Second, Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I'm planning on having a real good 21st this Friday:) We have MLC and that's my favorite thing on earth so it'll be good:)
Two and a half: I got your thanksgiving card. and laughed real hard:) hahaha and that card that quincy's face was on was brilliant! I love that! Let me know how that Fireside goes! also, thank you so so much for the package mom. I cried happy tears when I opened it. Literally. It was the best. OH! Also, Jenna sent me a letter about Ryan Allen eating dinner at their house. Small world? Yes. Someone tell him I say hello and welcome home and that he's the best!
Thanksgiving sounds like it was wonderful for all of you. NC does it well. We ate and ate and it didn't even feel like Thanksgiving. Yes mom, we ate sweet potato pie. It's a real thing;) and deep fried turkey is a real thing too. It was all good but no one does it quite like Nonster. I will admit. I sure missed a classic thanksgiving at the Garner house. But it was all good. On Saturday night, we didn't have a dinner appointment and one of the senior couples that works in the office invited us over (the Andrus'--literally some of the best people on earth. i love them to death. I'm pretty sure mom and dad have talked to both of them before on the phone). Harrah for westerners thanksgiving food! It was a little piece of heaven and a tender mercy.
Random bit; the rest of our mission is getting ipads next week. Merry Christmas North Carolina Charlotte Mission. We have a meeting with Salt Lake today over skype. Apparently they're going to be teaching us how to teach the other missionaries how to use them. Yay technology.
This week we had interviews. They are the best thing to hit this planet. President Craven is the best and I cherish all the time I get to be around him and learn from him. We talked and discussed about all the things I ever wanted or needed to talk about all in the short time we had together. It was so great. I told him about Kate and he was amazed at the whole situation and how strong she is. He ended with a really sweet prayer and prayed specifically for Kate. My heart filled up with so much love. love for anyone and everyone. For my family, my mission president, my Father in Heaven, everyone. It literally was just going to burst.
On Saturday we had a sisters meeting. Four zones worth of sisters came to Charlotte and we were spiritually fed. It was incredible. Sidenote, President Craven has this joke about how when men get called to be in the bishopric and the first sunday they conduct...he says, Elders, you'll feel like you've never spoken the English language a day in your life. True fact my friends. He asked me to conduct and I don't think a word of English came out of my mouth the whole meeting. oh well..ya win some ya lose some. :) Their daughter who served a mission was in town and spoke at the conference. It was so wonderful. She talked about the highs and lows of a mission and how to deal with it all. She was bold about it all. She said, "Sisters. You have no right to complain. You signed up for this. You can't waste a minute." She also said, "Repentance makes good people better, and better people, the best." She talked about whole vs hole and how it applies to being a good missionary. Sister Craven talked about being a holy woman and President Craven talked about the Priesthood and the role of women in the Priesthood. It was incredible. I laughed, I cried, I decided I don't think I'll ever be able to not be a missionary. We'll have to go on a mission as a family, because I'm not going to let it end.
I love being a missionary. I'm not kidding about a family mission. It would be the best thing on earth. Y'all are the only reason why I would ever come home. But if we could do it all together?? YESSS. It'd be the best! I love each of you so very much. I know this gospel is true. I know the Book of Mormon is true. Living prophets walk the earth today. God lives! Jesus is the Christ. This knowledge brings such peace and happiness into my life.
I love y'all more than you know. Have a wonderful week. Eat Cafe Rio on Friday in my honor:)
Sister Mad Webber
Fun terror of the week: We were driving home from an appointment last night. it was about 8:50..we were on the freeway. there were hardly any cars in sight. the car in front of my was a good distance ahead and it was putting on its breaks. I put mine on to avoid any sudden slams and then my night vision kicked into gear and I saw this DEER. Frantically running around on the freeway!!! In every direction! Just out of control. I hit the breaks and dodged that sucker but he was coming straight for us. It was a terror. Don't worry all my Utah kids, Deer kill people in North Carolina too. and I still hate them. Happy Holidays.

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