Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas

Two days until we all see each other! Harrah! Can't wait!
This won't be super long because we get to talk so soon but I'll send
pictures to make up for it.
How crazy is Katie's life right now? I can't even compete! Nothing
here this week was as exciting as Bulgaria, Germany, and Ukraine. You
live quite the missionary life, Kate!

We're going to have a good week here! I'm actually really excited.
we're having a combined Christmas activity with my beloved
Charlotte South zone down in Pineville so that will be the best thing
ever. Then tomorrow night we get to go out caroling with the two
companionships of Elders in our area to less active and part member
families. It'll be a good opportunity to build some relationships with
people we've never been able to get in with. Christmas Day, half the
ward is having us over so that'll be super fun. I'm all good to skype
at 11! So we can all see each other!!

To the best family in the world, I hope y'all have a wonderful
Christmas together and remember the true meaning of Christmas! We're
so very blessed to be together forever even though we're apart for
this short time. God bless. Y'all are the best people I know! Merry
Christmas! See you soon!!

Love always,
Sister Carolina Webber

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