Monday, December 16, 2013

Crazy Week

Hello my dears!

It has been a crazy crazy week. But so good.
Last Tuesday we went out to Gastonia to do trainings then in the
evening the Mission Leadership met there for a meeting with President
Donaldson. For those who aren't familiar with the well known "District
2" he was the mission president in the California San Diego mission a
few years ago. He was in town for observations on the iPad trainings
and our meeting with him that evening was incredible.
He read Matthew 24:14 and then asked what happened on June 23, 2013.
(World wide broadcast for hastening the work) he said, this is what
happened on that day. Everyone was waiting for China to open
before "the end will come" he pointed at our iPads and said, China is
open! The entire world has the opportunity to hear the gospel because
of the announcements made on that day.
He shared so many good insights on every subject known to a
missionary's mind. It was the best. The spirit was strong and we all
learned a lot. It was incredible.

 Wednesday we woke up early and drove to Gastonia again and trained the
Charlotte South zone on iPads then hopped in the car and drove all the
way to Winston Salem and trained there. It was so great, every
training was so different. People from Salt Lake were here observing
the whole time (no pressure) but the trainings were constantly
changing and getting better and better every time. Thursday we were in
training meetings all day and then drove back to Charlotte.
We went on exchange the next day and I don't think I've been more
brain dead in my life. But it was such a good exchange. Miracles all
Last night President called and told us that Sister Nielson got her
visa so she is gone! She just left about 10 minutes ago! So that's
really exciting. It's just Sister Lewis and I for this transfer in
Reedy Creek. It'll be good!

Pray for Reedy Creek! I know many miracles are in the future for this
area. I sure love you all. I can't wait to see you in just a few days!

Here's a good quote for the week..."God will micro manage the details
of your life without interfering with your agency if you allow it."
-Elder Maxwell
Merry Christmas!!
Love always, Sister Webber

Yadira got baptized!

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