Monday, June 16, 2014

Norf Cackalack


First, happy birthday to daddio this week! I hope you do something
really fun! Sorry I keep missing your birthday! :) I love you so much
and hope you have a great day! I'll be thinking about you all week!
Also, someone tell Cade welcome home for me!!

Happy June! One of the best months of the year! I'm happy it's June. I
find myself reflecting back and playing the 'this time last year' game
more often than not. A year ago this week I was transferred from
Cherokee to Charlotte and I ran the event through my mind over and
over and over this week and how difficult that week was for me. I
didn't think I'd ever recover or that I'd ever love anything as much
as my time in Cherokee. But I had no idea what The Lord had in store
for me in the coming 14ish months.  Before I even left that area, I
pleaded with Heavenly Father to have love for my new area and for my
new companion.
I told Sister Jameson last week about an experience I had about three
weeks into my mission. We were at a meeting for new missionaries and
their trainers and President Craven was speaking. He said, new
missionaries, you think you left your best friends at home but you
didn't! You haven't met them yet because they're here in the North
Carolina Charlotte mission. In my mind I was thinking, yeah right,
because my heart ached everyday for all the people I left behind but
since then, I have gained a testimony of that simple truth. I didn't
know the people here would change my life forever. You experience so
many ups and downs on a mission and naturally cling to the people who
helped you through those hard times because they make an eternal
influence in your spiritual progression and on your life. Whether it's
a companion, a district leader or zone leader, another missionary, the
members of the wards you serve in, they all played a role in my
personal conversion process.  My life has changed because of the
people I've come to love over the last seventeen months. My heart has
expanded and my soul is enlarged toward others with the deepest
gratitude and love for the impact they've made in my life.
I studied charity a few days this week and it truly is a gift from
God. And as we pray for more charity, our heart expand and we are able
to see others how our Father in Heaven sees them.
I love the people here. The members, nonmembers, missionaries,
everyone. So much love is in my heart for the people of North

Ohh dear. I love you all so much. Thank you for loving and supporting
me in all I do. I couldn't do it without you.
You're all the best.
Love you to the moon and BACK.
LOVE, Sister Madi

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