Monday, June 16, 2014

Good Ole Patrick County

First, Congratulations to Bryce and Kasumi!!! Juno is the cutest little babe I've seen!! She's so adorable! I can't wait to cuddle her constantly soon!!! Ahhhh! I love her already!
Here's the scoop on Stuart, Virginia
Life is way different here than the city. Transfer day was good. We went out to lunch with a member of the ward and with Bridget (our investigator) and I was surprisingly calm and at peace. When we got to the Hilliard building and the seas of missionaries began to gather, my heart began to ache more and more by the minute. I sat through transfers thinking, why is this happening? I'd rather just leave and go home now. But I knew there were things the Lord still wanted me to accomplish. We sang God be With you and the mission song and through both, I just wept. I made it through the meeting and it was the fastest I've left the Hilliard building after a transfer meeting because the member driving us had to be back stat. It was like a bandaid. I wanted to linger and say goodbye to every one of my best friends but there just wasn't time, and just like that, I was swept away. We drove with a member from the Mt Airy ward and the Elders from that ward so we all headed there (2.5 hour drive about) and then from Mt Airy we loaded up our car with my stuff and drove another 45 minutes to Stuart. I brought my bike, but the branch leaders have prohibited the sisters from riding them here...uhhh wish I would have known that so i could have left it in Charlotte...oh well. But we're full car but don't have many miles and the miles we do have are saved for meetings down in Winston and Mt Airy every week. So we walk a whole lot. and i have to ice my crip knee every night because it gets so swollen from all the walking up and down giant mountains (rolling hills) :)
It surprisingly is a lot like Bryson City. The people are mostly friendly and the southern hospitality exists more here than it did in Charlotte. We saw a cute little less active lady this week and during the closing prayer (in the thickest back woods accent) she said, "welcome this new sister to patrick county. where the people are....pretty good." it was so funny. We live across the street from the church house. mom, you said you googled it? isn't it the cutest little church house? I'll have to send you some pictures of the inside. it's little. so is the branch. yesterday at church I was thinking, where are all the people? There's about 30 active members. there were about 5 kids that got up to sing the fathers day song. and two people pass the sacrament and a total of like 7 of us in relief society. Its just small and so different from a ward. But there is a sweet spirit here.
Also, MIRACLE. we had an investigator at church yesterday. This branch hasn't had a convert baptism in years and years. and D came to church yesterday and yesterday afternoon she committed to a date. It has been amazing this week just watching the spirit work with her. On wednesday we met with her and had decided that we were going to focus on the importance of sacrament meeting and coming to church. when we brought it up she just said, NOOO! and as we sat and discussed, the spirit softened her heart and by the end of the appointment, she had agreed to come. it was so neat to watch the spirit work on her. yesterday as we discussed about baptism, when we brought it up she said, NOOO. and slowly, as we continued to discuss blessings, and covenants, and new beginnings, she agreed it was what she needed. She's wonderful.
Sister Simmons is from Idaho Falls. She's been out 10.5 months. She's great! I sent a picture of the two of us home back in like november when we went on an exchange...and she was in my district in charlotte for a little bit so she's in some of those pics too.  
Things are good here! I love it! It's a trying time but I focus everyday on overcoming the natural man. I think that's what I'm supposed to learn this last transfer. To just work until I've got nothing left. Everyday when I wake up I think, yeah. I've got nothing left. But I just pray that my Father in Heaven will help me just keep on keeping on another day and to accomplish everything he wants me to accomplish.
We can do hard things. Webbers do hard things.
Thank you for all your love. I love you all so much. The gospel is true! God lives! Jesus is the Christ!
Love, Sister Webber

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